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The president says it doesn't feel like he was impeached I'm Dave Anthony fox news crime I feel like I feel guilty you know they call it impeachment flight president trump was onstage at a rally in battle creek Michigan when he got the final tally showing no Republicans voted to impeach him and he said this to Democrats you are the ones interfering in America selections you are the ones to burning America's democracy we did nothing wrong Democrats in the president's actions in Ukraine forced them to move asking for an investigation into Joe Biden's son will initially holding up military aid to that country congressman John Lewis when you see something that is not right not just not have a moral obligation to do something boxes Rachel Sutherlin live in Washington state house Democrats passed two articles of impeachment on party line votes abuse of power in the destruction of Congress but they're not going to the Senate just yet house speaker Nancy Pelosi said no she may hold the article says negotiations continue over a Senate trial so far we haven't seen anything that looks fair to us so hopefully it will be fair Hampel Democrats defected on the articles to voted no on abuse of power three on the obstruction charge all Republicans voted no democratic representative in presidential candidate told C. Gabbard voted present Dave Rachel one Republican who is fiercely defended president trump mark meadows is on his way out of Congress at least he has decided that he will not go for reelection next year a federal appeals court upheld a ruling on obamacare that individual mandate to get coverage is unconstitutional because Congress eliminated the fine for people who refuse to buy health insurance the panel also ruling two to one other parts of the affordable Care Act need further review to determine if they can be separated from the individual mandate France fox's Steve Rappaport.

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