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One more game left for the nuggets before the all-star break and a chance to see nicole ioka start in that all star game two so pretty exciting joining us now talk about those denver nuggets chris dempsey of altitude tv chris. nuggets man. The last couple of games. And i know it. Then be as like this. You see a couple of games where you're you're scared and you see three game winning streak and you're feeling really good But if joker and impede jay can start to work together like i saw the last couple of games man look out. The nuggets are hopeful that murray mpg joker turn into that big three. Yeah yeah and that's just really contingent upon michael porter jr. being consistent with the production he's been on the court here in the last few games. So yeah you're right. I think the time with the stars back in the starting lineup has obviously you know he's starting to have that comfort level with the other guys again also You know the question was put to me on one of the telecasts. If i thought that the that starting him at the four is the reason why he is playing so well and i i don't i i don't necessarily think the position is the thing with him. I i just think Diversifying his offensive game has been a big. I think Giving more minutes on the court with joker and jamal and understanding where his shots are coming from and when he when he can be aggressive and how he can get here be aggressive within the framework of the offense alongside those two. I think that has been a big deal. I think I think jamal jokers leanest you get. Mp j. kinda have a in. This has been a big deal to so we'll we'll see i mean that's what we're what we're all hoping for is that it becomes that big three But you know we'll have to see more for michael porter jr. before we can say okay. Yeah the operating a big three status chris. I think we've all been. I find myself sometimes because i think porter's such an interesting study in the nba I find myself just watching him. Sometimes on certain plays to see the body language to see how engaged he is on both defense and offense. There was a time in that. I believe it was the milwaukee game. Maybe it was the chicago. He's dribbling down. he's he's by himself. And there's two defenders in front of him and it looks like he's going to pull up and just take the shot. I'm thinking no. He leaves his feet quickly. Looks to his left than just kind of does a little hand off is..

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