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Mr gorbachev tear down this wall less than a year and a half later was dismantled by these citizens trapped behind that wall with hand tools. Chisels pickaxes again. I employ you to help me. I watched that chilly november night with joys. The berlin wall was dismantled by those. It had entrapped. And i thought we'd one poll did we. Did we lose. Well we wanted on the battlefield or at least in the international arena but we lost it in the classroom in the united states and and pretty much ever since or by the time. They went to graduate school in the early nineteen nineties. I started teaching grove city college in nineteen ninety seven the past twenty four twenty five years. I've been going around. The country invited by esperance's students yaffa chapters. Isi chapters on college campuses from students. Asking me to give a talk with titles like why is communism bad because because they're not learning these things they're not learning these things on college campuses and oftentimes. I remember late nineties early. Two thousands early two thousands with harvard. University press book. The black book of communists go through the different death tolls and all the different numbers. And i remember one professor one time. Very progressive liberal professor. And she she stared at me so like looked at me. As if the the as if the ghost of joe mccarthy had leapt inside of my body and possess me right like okay. Professor take it easy on the comedy bashing on the red crusading all. I'm trying to do is teach young. People crucial history of the last generation or two that they didn't know about the deadliest ideology in history at what often happens with the left is they. Don't they don't attack or even criticized the pro-communists they criticizing attack the anticommunist. Right the anticommunist or the bad guys so they look people like me and you as were weird right. We're the extremists. Friedman talking about this stuff. But it's because of the liberal run universities that this stuff hasn't been taught hasn't been talked about that you now have in some polls a quarter to thirty deng people saying that they would support the abolition of private property not only got that the victims of communism memorial foundation with its annual poll with you finding out. The two thirds of american millennials would prefer to live in a socialist or conserve. Oh communist america. Despite the fact that that book you mentioned which is alive changing book the black book of communism which simply calculated the death cost to the world of marxism was written by socialist by left wing historian. Stephen courtois was a left wing when he started that project and when he found out that the death toll was over. One hundred million souls killed forget the rest through a enslave to a kick out of their job center labor camps torture. No one hundred million killed alone. That's the black book of communism. Another one to add to your library. Along with paul cangos especially his most recent one. Which is the devil. And karl marx. The devil and karl marx. I'm sebastian gorka. This is america first to you from the relief factor dot com studios. If you wanna do yourself a favor if you want to support talkradio support those that make the shows possible. Especially the great mike. Lindell mike the inventor of my pillow is a great patriot. A truth teller and now they're trying to cancel him with twenty five corporations boycotting his products. Get up this sixty six percent off when you use my name. Go straight to his website.

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