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Carry that home with me. Mike Lester from Perth Australia. Well, whilst out whilst who uses the word whilst whilst out shopping for a gift for my son. I ran across this. I know we're talking about legalizing weed, but this seems a little premature he may be right. This is a little kid for kids to make their own stuff at home. And I think maybe the kids don't need to make this. Crystal Beth salts. I don't know if the kids need to make their own bath salts at home made all down start eating other kids faces. Might be unnecessary. And then by favorite of this grouping this holiday group in game from Brandon and lake forest, California. He saw this bouncy house in the Queen Mary down there Long Beach. And he said it was the shape of a snow woman. That's like, I don't know. Why would they why would he say it was the shape of a snow woman till I saw the photo is try to find the entrance. If you can. Here's the bouncy house when the kids go in. Can we punch in Josh a little bit? Yeah. That's where that's where the kids enter the bounce house. St. this, no man at a very big secret. Yeah. Old services puncher? Set up for you shoot a lose for b. One more one more. It puts the lotion on its skin. Puts it in the basket. Go. Nice. Imagine tuck in that back, can you tuck it back. Where's it like a bell? All the way around. You can close his robe with it. About. On the shoulders of the lady sitting way ahead of. I'm confused by Japan. I don't know if I've mentioned this anyone or not. But I don't understand what they do over there in that country, the things that they find interesting entertaining slash sexy are Mr. to me so each and every episode I asked respectfully what the fuck Japan. Fuck japan..

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