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That. Dark gritty underground. You know venue that you go see a small bandit pomp and circumstance of raw smackdown But i i can see events amber. Hey we need some more color. When he's the guy. Get the kids to love it you know. Throw some color and they're a little more vibrant personality. Ron's maqdad's i guess i'm okay. I understand why they're doing it but doesn't mean it's my taste so i'm i'm nervous that it's going to be a different flavor of wrestling and you know this is my comfort food. Excuse my comfort food. I want you changing all the ingredients a whole new dish. I mean if you want to add a little bit of garnishments. I'm fine with it. That's a lot of food or hungry off. It's dinnertime dodger. trae did annex. T need to change Did it need to change. Maybe not change definitely need a of a veteran fresh coat paint needed a little freshening up a look alike doing the show in in the in the capitol wrestling center with the plexiglas up. Still everything else. It does seem like it doesn't have the same energy. Did at full sail. So maybe by these changes. They're trying to reinvigorate product Make it a little more lively lower energetic and if that's the case fine it's more of a of evolution in not a change. That's that's where. I don't need to change something. That isn't completely broken if you can tell the wheel a little wobbly. You've you've got to change the tire. Yeah i i'm with you on that. I think the capital wrestling senate looks really dark. And i agree with Dubuque president nikon when he says that stuff. I've been thinking that for the last several weeks. Is i've been watching the show i. I'm not a fan of the new logo not the one with the colors. The current one with like The crow in the background. I think that's a bird like its wings. Or maybe it's angel wings. It's like way too much like ozzy osbourne like it's it's got triple h fingerprints all over like it's it's heavy metal but it's like way too much heavy metal for for even my liking You know. I often wonder like i to me i think like. Nfc is definitely taken a step back in the last year during the pandemic error. It's it's struggled a lot. And i think a lot of that like it says has to do with the crowd but i also try to think as a viewer like how much of it was did it has. It affected me as a fan being at the wednesday night. Wars is was basically like A a massive failure on their part and they retreated tuesday nights like did that. Did that affect it. All like to you because i don't think it did for me but i often try to think a little bit deeper and go. Okay did a w. Make me not like think of annex t the way that i loved next day w launching so i if you go back to win the wednesday night wars i started and we say you're talked about it that you know. Aws now herb either. The first few episodes aired the replay right. After and then i can pick and choose the show. I wanted to watch back to back. I can watch inex- exte- that i could watch awa do back to back when they took that replay away. I knew i could still go. Watch t. the next day on the network which made me default to always choosing awa and for as much crap as you. And i gave a w in in the early stages of the wednesday night or it was always energetic. It was always a lot going on there. Was i mean it was just a lot of chaos in chaos can be good in bed. The annex t version didn't always have the same energy love that was because we didn't have full sill around anymore so it kind of made it almost you know it was secondary to me I knew i watch awa either. Love it or i'd hate it. There was no in between where with inex- eight year like it or dislike it was never a giant love or a giant hate so always kind of middle row. You said it's it's my comfort food. If i wanna feel good teeth going to be more likely to be a good show. It's just the roller coaster ride of a w. I was more exciting. And that's what i think led to this whole change because like i said he's consistent a. w. is just all over the place sometimes and it kind of makes it car crash. Tv Without the the you know all tna stuff that you eric bischoff in you know. The attitude era want us to provide. Yeah in. i don't know you know. I like the entire thing like the wednesday night war definitely. I'm glad they're separated now. Because i do enjoy watching exceed full and not having to go pick and choose which one i want to watch and then watch the other one on. Dvr and try to squeeze that in. It's nice on tuesday night to watch annex t. It's nice on wednesday night to watch a w and it's better that way and and i think there's a lot about aws wanna talk about later on the show because if you've been listening to this program for a long time you've heard me like reverse course on aws explain that a lot Just before we preview predict awol out but yeah the nfc stuff the revamp. It's it's definitely something that is needed. I do think the product has been stale. We have lost the personalities that the fans are able to gravitate towards. And i don't know what it is. I don't know if it's booking or not they. There's like these weird glimmers that you see like okay. They've got something here. Like i felt like that they should not have broken up the air. Like even going back to that. Pack mcafee adam cole. Stuff like at the end of last year. Even though it was in the pandemic era. I loved what they were doing with the undisputed error and it was red hot than they broke them up and now looking back at it. It's like oh that was kind of kind of strange. Bobby fish gone rodrick strong with a stable that keeps releasing wrestlers colorado's on his own own right. Now there's going back to the glimmers. It's like gano dexter lewis this past week. I love the interaction. There like that's entertainment. i enjoy it. We got old tomasso champa. I thought it was gonna lose to rich all and he beats holland So there's there's different glimmer. I'll have the hit row stuff. I love llegado odell fantasma. I think those are two great factions right now. Santos escobar to me is a future world champion and i think to kind of wrap this all up on the revamp. I think one of the reasons. Why dr trae that. Maybe it felt stale lately is i hate to point fingers because i'm a fan of his work but i don't think carrying crossword is an champion at all like it. Just i don't know it just never really really vibe with me as a fan. Didn't have that. Same vibe. As when finn ballard had it or win in the back of the day when samoa joe or shinsegei had arousal black or even drew mcintyre andrade. It's like carrying cross. Run may be one of the worst. Nfc championship bronze during this era. So is it weird accident. So i liked harry cross the entrance. I like carrying cross the look. I mean not currently like not like the refugee from demolition. I never really cared for carrying crosses in ring work. And it's almost this makes sense. It's almost two. Mma for me like it's almost it's not wrestling. It's like almost like a shoot style type thing like i came to watch wrestling like the forms. The back of the head.

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