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Actually both my grandparents on petra notified as well as the metronome blood big time then and in in both have their stories on county started into that for my paternal grandpa he was chief of army under a king and this i'm talking about eight generations ago i'm a generation d had won a fight and then the king was very pleased with him and he avoided the entire village to him and it's still exist today end of his name well that's wonderful that's a great story so let's go ahead let's get over here bouvanh bouvanh how did you come to america brother was here to come john mathis eight to finish my favorites i finished my undergrad and ninety seven nine just can't united states work my way up joined the looking community college and started working my group's ship and i was working graveyard shift and i was attending college time and time of such two years i was able to compete national computer closest thing i was able to get a computer programming job and look back after that i've finished my master's in computer science and just up you know the point i think's very important as i've been doing this for twenty seven years i've been able to meet a lot of different people from different countries and i've found that the that the indian culture really puts a lot of value on education would you agree with that debbie's really chu tao just basic education for child is necessary up in mencia up to that level you don't have time to go back into education so spent time there had some vacation and then do whatever you want to so you came here to america you got the education and then you got a job and you came here on the diplomatic arrangement why did you not have to go back because i had joined college at the time and wanted to finish my education here so i i date to get education visa them to replace the other one yeah okay we got married at time so were you already assisting them yep i i would out came in a green card then i got married so the considers them in about in five sometime that's a great story to the.

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