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Slight majority of Republicans as well. The pole comes after President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Threatened to withhold federal funding from schools that choose not to reopen. Schools in California have already decided to hold online classes exclusively, while New York schools are waiting for covert 19 infection rates to drop below 5% before opening. Meanwhile, Sacramento City Unified, which has over 80 schools in the region, has yet to take a hard stance on whether or not they'll completely reopen. Or remain closed. Brody Fernandez News 93.1 KFBK the Orange County Board of Education, voting to reopen all school campuses without thinking people social distance or wear masks. KP Kay's Bill Hewlett has more tonight. The board said. Social distancing is not necessary, and students and teachers wearing masks is not only tough to enforce, but quote. May even be harmful. They're also not recommending classroom sizes be cut down, but are suggesting temperature checks. The decision was met with protests outside the education office in Costa Mesa, Orange County's 28 individual school district. Still get to make the final call and how they'll reopen campuses. If they do it all filled Hewlett News, 93.1 KFBK A Sacramento is seeing even more restrictions being placed as Kobe 19 numbers go up a warning from the mayor of Los Angeles today, saying he's very close. To declaring a shutdown. Again. We'll get more from ABC is Alex Stone in Los Angeles with Cove in 19 numbers here in Ally Rising Mayor Eric Garcetti. Using a new color coded system, says L. A. Is very close to entering emergency red status. We're on the border of going to read. It is up to all of us to make sure that we don't write. Now Allah is in orange red would mean strict. Stay at home orders in place again, ordering the people here stay home except for exempted work. An emergency errands like stone. ABC dares LOS Angeles Amid the coven 19 pandemic, many are afraid to take a trip to the hospital. KPK Sze Marshall Benson report. Attitudes towards Hospitals have changed during the nationwide Corona virus Pandemic and CEO and President of Dignity Health's here Nevada Memorial Hospital, Dr Brian Evans says. There is a newfound reluctance from the public to get help from hospitals. People have been reluctant Tio come into the merge department or call 911 And I think that there is a fear element here. I think people are nervous about coming into hospital. E R visits are down 42% and 911 calls are down 29%. Dr. Evans is worried that those with serious symptoms aren't getting the care that they need, especially when it comes to heart attacks and strokes were really concerned that there's people that are out there with symptoms that need to get checked out, and they might be holding off on doing that, And that's just Not a good idea. Dr Evans assures the public that there is plenty of personnel and safety in place to take care of anyone who might need help. Marshall Benson News, 93.1 KFBK the San Joaquin County Sheriff says he recently tested positive for cocaine, 19 and a Facebook video. Sheriff Pat Withrow says he's fine now, and the symptoms that showed up June 30th have gone away. Even so, he is urging residents to be vigilant. If you start not feeling well or anything like that, please get yourself tested. I know it's a long lines and Takes a while to get the results now, But let's make sure we take care of ourselves and our families and everybody else. Sheriff Withrow says He's very fortunate that the virus didn't progress and blessed that no one in his family has shown symptoms. Of covert 19 during today's public health Testing Taskforce Conference call Secretary Lord is Castro Ramirez highlighting what the state is doing to get sustainable testing resources to those in need. Part of that effort will involve movie more testing to healthcare provider offices and laboratories to allow state testing sites to focus on individuals who are harder to reach and at a higher risk of Kobe 19. Ramirez explains how the task force is taking action to bring the plan to fruition. Today, Our licensing boards will begin reaching out to doctors and pharmacists decision assistance in nurse practitioners. We will encourage them to partner with us in this effort to expand testing capacity but performing covert 19 testing in their offices. Today's announcement comes on the heels of Governor Newsome's order clothes order closing majority of indoor activities to try to mitigate the virus..

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