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You know initially. Fundamental number seventeen it says Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Then after a while just begin to think. Why are you asking that question? Why? Why are you asking me what we should believe what I should believe to be out of call myself an author docks. True Bible believing at seventh day adventists it just every time I hear that question now I think that has just. So it's the most messed up question in the world. It's. It's. It's like it's like. Okay cult, but I'm also not an occult. So just tell me what I need to notice that. I can make sure that I'm good with all the other cult members because I make sure I get this right because I don't get it. Right? The implication is like well, it's like terrible is going to happen. You know. Yeah. Yeah, I, think a huge a huge A huge. Piece of army arsenal as pastors is the words I don't know. We don't like to say that. We don't like to say that because we're supposed to know. But Man. There's way more inscription that I don't know that I do. And the humility that that those words I don't know. Brings also opens up conversations tell people grow. And that's really important. So when someone comes to me and says, what are we believe I'm like I have no idea what you believe. In fact, I'm not one hundred percent. Sure what I believe on that I know what I believe ten years ago and it's Kinda changed since then which come fascinating the Holy Spirit's led me in a different direction. So maybe we can study that. And find out what you believe, and I can find out what I believe and we can find out. We're God leads us in this conversation. And this is this is the beauty of seventh avenue were non cradle. So we didn't say we don't believe that God spoke. We believe that God speaks. This Yes and and that keeps me in this church. Honest to God it. Yes ten. Kim. Gone. Onto was. says. That is that is so good and we're non-criminal but I bet you, Mitchell lots of adamant don't realize up. Believe that we are. This is why. It's so it's so subtle when we say. fundamental believes is actually not accurate is actually statements off from the middle belief. Which means that we have midday commitment to that list groin or shrinking depending on where to Spirit's leading us together as people. So we're not increase on and by the way we also believe in in In in a in a specific kind of revelation, which is inspiration a not not not word inspiration. We don't believe in that. we we've thought inspiration is that real context inspiration? So I think our people don't know scripture that they they studied from a from a broken Herman Uday. Leaves them with these these dead ends I don't know what to do with. So there's part of our work has passed and by the way I actually think. Jesse. That what I was going to say is that. What an incredible responsibility and trust goddess foot when like when you were saying someone comes to you and says, Hey, what would I believe that? Is the Holy Spirit window giving us an opportunity not to say, this is what you believe but instead to say, here's the question should be asking. Here's how here's how you arrive at. You're asking you're asking me a question I wanna be a supportive cast member. Your ask you asked it in the right environment a well lit played with people who no you in. Love you..

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