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Weather and what's going on where you live in terms of algiers i'd like to know if you are a native l jirina or at least live there now is any of this affecting algiers point is it primarily a west bank event as it relates to now at least as it relates sale jeers in gretna and what are you seeing in terms of power outages etc tyrone on a road good morning sir you're on wwl hello hey tyrone good morning you're on wwl two blocks from the ferry deep in algiers yeah you way down there dr travel journal de gaulle but jesse when in a moderate range general meyer was able to come up all the way general meyer no order at all only water you kirk is when you get out of shape station right there shirley indigo let me tell you i grew up on lord el tyrone and we lived at the end of the of lourdes hill right there by general meyer and i can tell you that area of algiers is definitely higher than the part as you head toward the goal yes i can tell you one thing tommy the pumps working could you could see the water screaming down the road and just just too much in the shell period of time you think we've seen the worst of it i hope so let me ask you on a lighter note tyrone we welcome our new sponsor for the wwl opinion poll and that is blue runner foods known for their red beans white beans a lot of other cajun specialties so i just wanna ask you day before the fourth of july trying to keep it a little bit lighter in in spite of the weather is very controversial subject get ready tyrone red beans or white beans why being with with really yes with rabbit i've never had that is good delicious you put anything on those on those white beans any yellow mustard anything dash a hot sauce you ain't gonna be hungry tyrone have a good day all right all right thank you thank you sir appreciate the algiers report todd on a road where are you at certain tell me about the weather before we get to the issue of red beans i'm in desperate hand and rain a little bit have you seen any heavy rain or has it just been a drizzle got you would you say about beans with our blue runner parade blue runner opinion poll well my daddy was incredible cajun cook and he always cook things and he would do to red beans what smoked turkey necks and it was very good and then he would do white games dot fried fish that sounds delicious would you put any condiments on any any of it would you like any yellow mustard any any just put hot sauce but i tell you the place that has really good white beans is the mason jar in nattery and they probably would fish like when i grew up so i go out there and it makes me think of my dad got you thank you todd ob have a good fourth of july weekend know good thing about those blue runner beans it's a ben i'm telling you an easy dinner because you just take him out the ken maybe some other low bell pepper and onion and celery if you want or just need them straight out the ken might wanna heat them i i i've eaten them cold but little protein whether you got a quick easy dinner that a lot of ways as seems as though you've been cooking it for hours even though i guess blue runner took care that for your seven fifty one weather seems to be abating somewhat which is good because it will give the pumps a chance to catch up right now we take a look at traffic on wwl from the wwl traffic center of joshua bell still still feeling the effects of the street flooding in algiers on the west bank seeing delays on general de gaulle and terry parkway trying to get to the west bank expressway let's just got slowing background.

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