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Com john mcdevitt kyw news time twelve twenty two time for traffic and transit on the twos been talking about this for a while but in delaware got mentioned it a couple of times we've had a few callers on ninety five northbound you're jammed up well before christiana all the way to four ninety five now here's the problem there's construction set up only one lane is getting by on four ninety five northbound so again if you're heading back to the pennsylvania area through delaware if you could find another ways in ninety five then i would suggest you do that one route thirteen might be better now we're also looking at delays in philadelphia we're looking at slowing on the schuylkill west at the vine expressway heavy city avenue to the curb and then from four seventy six to two zero two eastbound little better but still some delays between on the ramp coming off two oh to the ramp from gladwin to belmont and then city avenue down to the vine vine westbound heavy parkway to the schuylkill merge a boulevard much redder back back to normal from those earlier accident northbound and southbound rage martin luther king drive is closed in the falls bridge too sweet briar dry for recreational activity these four twenty two heavy around trooper south philadelphia passing gavitt close from broad to dickinson for that event sound like fun i wish i was there now heading into new jersey forty two northbound as you heard kim mentioned we're looking at a big jam from college dried up to almost fifty five because of an earlier accident that is now clear fifty five north heavy at the forty to merge bridges are good mass transit no major problems from the trumark financial twenty four hour traffic center were member banking is better banking i'm brian ramona kyw news time twelve twenty four six young men who graduated from public schools in philadelphia are about to complete their first.

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