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I do like i do like thumb warner and td n o t getting now and i'm not a huge jason taylor fan and by stats i know he's got to get in by sabree metrics in football which is a near as important as it is in basketball joe yeah sabree metrics and poor poor little bitter and misnomer id guy no jason tell who is a really good player ernie put a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks i just die he doesn't seem like a hall of famer to me oh cool i agree lt yes how 'bout more morten andersen go goettingen before gary i'm okay with that you uh i'm okay yes i am i my i know people have weird opinions about kickers steiner rude was the only one who to ever made it in until morton dan i'm okay with him did guide get in the us who over now moving on to the imo beaten up circuit um no barber's paid a good impression in new york this past week last last night pretty dominant over the mats nk joe yeah yet mets local people against him ooh inception the vote today day bolander goes yard and dodgers mix nothing combat's disappear nine home runs in a game so nine nine lotta souvenirs for those went out to citi field today met ted five medtech four excuse me all solo digest add fivethree solos and to to run shy oh does allow this at that one sooner didn't it um passed through the cbs studio we don't have cbs studios in citi field and then in our lady of bill asked all the way from queens era mad at him i hope so and cory segar hit one pretty hard but now nobody said i'm not far okay um moving on thursday there is some boxing lawn tonight digger be watching lomo shaneco spike i'm going to be in transit i'll get home up put it on its soon as i come in.

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