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Yeah. Roy was on fire on sunday rory. There was no way everyone starts at even par. Rory shoots thirteen hundred and beat zander's softly by three shot right. Now zander finished tied for second anyway but i don't like doing hypotheticals. I you have to look at like what would have been and could have been as far as format goes because you wanna you wanna be able to compare it. No this format y- is this format perfect no no here's why here's why you you can't. That's the whole basis of this conversation. This worked so well. It's not going anywhere. It works so well this year. What happens next year matter again. That's hypothetical. You can't deal in hypotheticals but you have to deal in life comes this. Here's the perfect example nascar nascar sprint cup. Is your perfect example right there. Why perfect the perfect example is because that is still one of those things these were you like. Hey who's going to win the big thing at the end you but i don't know it's thirty cars racing but only four guys have a chance in the guy who finishes fifth. He gets the big prize. You'll nah not really. Does anyone really care about that. Nope no one really cares about. Why are you you you losing. What i'm saying. Is what i'm saying is like last last year last year. Tiger woods wins the the the tour championship right and it's it's amazing and no one knows that justin austin rose again. So why are you using last year's an example because this year everyone was talking about how it was ni- the ratings were up ninety ninety percent now compared to last year but compared to two years ago and three years ago how the ratings were up so high but there's a combination of reasons why that could've been what i'm comparing this to. Is it still not perfect like yes. It was good but it was good because justin. Thomas didn't shoot six under the first this day like if justin thomas is on and shoot six hundred first day this is over it is done and if georgia does does something different. They beat alabama but they didn't alabama won the s._e._c. Championship won the national championship in over you can't again. There's no no why you keep you know why they made tweaks to the national championship in the way the deform it because they knew it wasn't perfect what he's hustling since when when what tweet from from from jump like when they went from hey man. We're just gonna do from b._c.'s cohen u._s._a. Today and you know what let's go computer in there the computer or know what to do and then the computer is like no now i need a computer can't watch game made they've made one tweak since alabama's beat georgia and they didn't make it made one tweak yes but there's a combination of things that go into it is what i'm saying right like. It's not okay so let me ask you back in the day. I'm asking okay who won the fedex cup the guy who was supposed to roy mack now who were okay is that debatable. What do you mean is it..

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