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We saw the starting pitchers go out to dinner together in Cincinnati baseball to me more than any other sport. And football obviously is different because you're going to battle with guys football. You're putting your bodies on the line and a much different way for each other, each and every week, albeit for a different period of time. And for fewer games. Baseball to me is the game where off field jelling having that clubhouse guy, a guy who will root for his teammates. I'm Mike Morris type player is all the more important because when you go through a serious like that, dad groceries, you need somebody who keeps it like you've got to have somebody who's gonna boost this team back up. You can't just dwell on everything and be the curmudgeon Loser. Was all the time right? You got to be able to turn the page and Evan Longoria guys, but a lot of time in Tampa knows a little something about losing games and then turning the page right, especially from the time that he got here more from Gabe Kapler here, saying, Yeah, he got really excited about the event. Longoria home run, But the reason this team's playing so well together is because everybody reacted the same way to Austin Slater's home run. It was a a team building, fun building, Wind building home run Here's gamekeeper announcements. That was that was equally as fun, obviously, and he also battled to get a great pitch to hit. And it was a able to elevate one to the poolside. You know, I think the commentary after that home run was like, how hard was that? It right. We all want him to know. I still haven't seen one. You guys could probably fill me in on that. Kaczynski one. It was like Maura. No data from that bubbly. Austin's later on that home run was like a true bat flip. We're not doing a whole lot of bathrooms where I get a lot of flair. Remember that comment from Gabe Kapler last week after after Trevor Bauer left the ballgame, asking for more booze from fans and really, the Giants don't have a player like that. Nobody here is gonna be demonstrative or puff their chest out in the way that Trevor Bauer does. But Gabe Kapler said, you know, with that guys on the team play with a little bit of flair. So like I think about Mauricio Dubon celebrated second base. I'm like, Yeah, deposit that's like asking the Dodger fans T o rain booze on him while he sleeps in the ball game. Ah, little bit different to bonds that slide into second base and putting the sword in the sheath. Although the guy who used to crack me up it was really funny, and that was Angel for gone. Would like, steal second or would slide into second base, and he used to always do that salute. Remember that there were times I felt like he was sliding into second and was saluting before he was like before the ball had been thrown down or before he pops up, he went goes into a slide these throwing that little salute down, which was always kind of funny, But, yeah, big home run for Austin Slater. Nice little bat flip from him, too. And the mean Gabe Kapler Right now He's got that that Six cents to just tab somebody to come in in the right situation and get a big knock. It happens all the time. But again, it can not happen unless the Giants were able to stay healthy and can can take a good look at some of these players. The comm platoon at first base in the outfield. Now we know Lamont Way. Junior is a guy who may end up coming to help him at first base. We'll find out what happens more with Darren Rough, but it's really all going to start and end with the pitching rotation this weekend against the Dodgers starts tonight. We talked a couple of minutes ago or in the last segment. That The Dodgers setting up that their rotation for the second time through as well meaning the Giants are not going to see Trevor Bauer. The doctors are going to see some of the same pictures they saw from the Giants. Gabe Kapler on what your rotation is gonna look like this week. Yeah, Way talked about that, so it'll be wood. DeSclafani Web and Quito. In that order, Webb came out of his bullpen looked great was throwing hard, No, watch them in his catch, play and look creating his catch. Players well reported feeling good after And we felt like he was ready to make a start. We pushed him back one day and moved desperate for me up one day. Yeah, By the way, he did correct himself. After that, he said, my mistake I said Cueto at the end, there is gonna be Kevin Gossman is the fourth starter against the Dodgers. And so then the next question just was sort of quickly here, and I'm actually a fan of this. I think it's the right move. Do not have all of the same starters going against the Dodgers. The guys, you just saw him now just go funny eye. Look at that. And I know it can't be any worse. Right? 10 earned runs away. I can't be any worse than the way it just went down for Anthony Disco. Funny, so nice to see Logan. Well, we'll be back. But then the question is what happened to Scott Kazmir. Gabe Kapler on the lefty. Has to be in the pen for us. It'll be available out of the bullpen for us and have that conversation with him. So part of the reason I wasn't able to give you guys rotation information before right now is we're having several conversations. One was with Web after his full time one was with desperate for me to let him know that we were gonna push him up today and the other one was with cows. So let another Web was gonna make the start and that he'd be in the pen for us. I think we'll consider him available immediately and Will decide when the right time to deploy him is, But there's no reason you know he won't be able T pitch for us as soon as tomorrow, and he may end up being one of those bolt guys recognized role for him. I was not going to carry Crowley about that. If you were in a Yusmeiro, petite like roll from the championship day, so something we could pay attention to. We do have to get into more with the Giants on the other side. Why aren't they considering Buster Posey is the first based option. If he's if he's not taking the number of at bats, and he's not working the number of minutes behind the plate that he has in the past, and he's healthy now. Should they be looking at at Buster Posey and fill in some of these voids at first base just to keep his bat in the lineup on some of these days, but also helping out as far as qualification for a batting title, So we're gonna get into that on the other side and and why Gabe Kapler doesn't think that's an option. I think they need to be trying out Buster Posey a little bit more at first base that could be an option and where Joey Barton is waiting in the wings could also be in play as far as that's concerned. We've got to get into this. The foreign substance situation going on across Major League baseball might shield of the ST Louis Cardinals came out yesterday after the game after his picture was asked to remove his hat. And then it was confiscated by compliance officers and major League baseball umpires yesterday, saying Giovanni Geiger said a foreign substance on his hat might still to saying this is going on across baseball and without staying Trevor Bauer, he says Trevor Bauer, that's all coming up in the leadoff spot on KNBR, one of 45 and six a TV. Sports leader. You're smart speaker is a radio here. The leadoff spot with Adam Copeland at home..

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