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Exactly and that leftover stardust that circles around the outside of the event horizon is colt and accretion this ration desk yeah i'm just going to call it bob for simplicity's sake so as all of this gas and other material from the star spins around the black hole it keeps getting faster and faster and really really hot because of friction in is the heat that gets made when you rub two things together really really fat yeah like how you of your hands together when it's cold outside the heat your hands up okay but how does this heat get all right we'll some of that heat energy gets converted or changed in two other types of energy like x ray energy and light energy in this energy can travel for trillions and trillions of miles across the universe where it can then be picked up by our satellites and radio telescopes back on earth oh yes and guy roz scientists actually have a special name for this the do yup they call it a quasi is stellar object turbe a quasar for short and quasars are the brightest objects in the entire universe that makes total sense mindy because from earth these super bright objects even though they're millions of miles away well they often look like stars in the night sky how into that's what we're looking at right now that's right i can't believe we're the first people to ever see a black hole what do you mean well because black holes don't reflect any light back into space it's almost impossible for us to see them back on earth they just get lost in the background kinda like when you had that black cat parade in the middle of the night.

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