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Allison wyatt. Fourth-ranked Ohio State came out strong scoring touchdowns on all six possessions before halftime yesterday in their forty nine to six thrashing of two lane at Ohio stadium sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins junior through for twenty one of twenty four before sitting out the second half up next the buckeyes oh hit the road. They face number ten Penn. State next Saturday, the Ohio F O P is now breaking from their endorsed candidate for governor on one key issue. Jared Allen explains the Ohio fraternal order of police has gone public with their rejection of state issue one the proposed constitutional amendment would reduce or eliminate jail or prison time for some drug related offenses, Ohio. President Gary Wolski says there's one big problem with that proposal you can't tweak it when it's a constitutional amendment. You're you're locked in Polsky says judges need the to put offenders in jail for thirty to ninety days if. They refuse treatment the Ohio F O P has already endorsed Richard cordray in the race for governor a former Goodyear Tire and rubber company. Executive is coming back. Darren wells will succeed Laura Thompson as the company's executive vice president and chief financial officer Thompson center retire early next year, Fiat Chrysler Jeep Wrangler as a hot seller and the company is reportedly in discussions with union officials about adding a third production shift at their Ohio assembly complex, if the added shift to gets the green light one thousand temporary employees currently working at the plant. We'll get the first shot at fulltime work. Trebled Wells Fargo though, he's announcing this week eating tends to reduce its workforce by between five to ten percent. Over the next two three years potential reduction of up to twenty six thousand five hundred jobs CEO, Tim Sloan told employees at a town hall meeting that the company is struggling to grow. Because of a Federal Reserve assets. Cap Sloan is trying to lead a rebound of. Company after customer abuse scandals made national news in two thousand sixteen the bank's stock has improved twenty three percents since Sloan took over, but that number is well behind the increases banks of similar size of scene, including J P Morgan Chase, which is up seventy five percent and Bank of America, which is up ninety five percent. That's Mark Mayfield. Reporting for your ABC six first warning weather forecast. Partly sunny today with a high of seventy three I'm Alison Wyant. More news at the bottom of the hour and on demand at six ten WTVN dot com. Watch.

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