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So big appointment slips? Appointment slip and credit cards. Don't appointments. Let's get you Just put that in your phones. You have to carry around a lot of papers. I do both. I don't know why I'm trying to get over it. And a bunch of credit cards. A bunch of credit card job, you know, gas station cards. All that stuff. How many appointments do you have Many, many, many old ones, new ones. I'm very nostalgic. You keep your old appointments. Appointments, old cards. Like Panera card. So weird. Thank you. That is awesome. He does his old Panera card That doesn't work. You have an incredible universe card in there too. Yeah. So what do we got for our fail to more this morning, boys not setting up What's going to go down tomorrow? We have you guys crushing me for my tweet from over the weekend, Dicky Doodle Dandy. Here it is. Even the D A show is not perfect. We know shocking. Here's the epic field. Plenty of walking human beings who know sports now who have no idea or have no understanding of the Yankees or Giants being good teams. The giant have been the worst football team in the last five years. The Nets have never won a title in my life, the Rangers 11 cup when I was seven. And the and the freaking Yankees. It's been 12 years now. You're in the A. L. C s every year. It's 100 years ago you're talking about things have changed to win a World Series can't catch a break. What is going on a decade long in New York since the last New York Championship. I mean there. It's insulting to me to say that I can't catch a break. You think over a decade now of nothing but misery and the closest thing we had no Kyrie and hardened, get hurt. That's misery. You you have a tattoo. Mm. From a championship. That wasn't even your last championship. It wasn't your first championship. It was just one of the championships that you have enjoyed during your adult life. One of them were you happen to defeat the only undefeated team at 16 0 of the Super Bowl era. And you did it in the most miraculous helmet catch of all time. And you want more breaks, so I don't care. Who cares? Pig him A lamp shop. Listen up here for a second. Look how faded this statue is put health flap, Jackie. My arm is when I got this shit was tight. It was moisturized. It was colorful. It is nothing but stretch marks and disgrace Since then, I mean, look at this thing. It looks like a Crayola crayon ist. They get to it because it's been so long and so ancient and I kept saying, I'm going to redo it when the Giants win another Super Bowl. I may never redo it. I may never touch it up. It has been nothing but misery for me as a sports fan for damn near over a decade. I don't have anything about that. Don't know anything about that. Big talk. The lion stands tall enough with the Lions to Minnesota Sports fans talk to Atlanta sports fans and then let me know if you still feel like you can't catch a break Epic Fail U Loser Jack. This is why you fail fail. Personally, I really like more as Dismissively calling me Lambchop. I think that's a good one. Hey, listen, Lambchop. I think that's a good derogatory nickname for me, Lambchop. Hawaiian Tony Danza tweets. I agree. I think more as missed out on the Yan Rueda goal and Canadian bacon, However, since he likes to sing for the segment, How about John Rueda? Bahama? Come on, Pretty mama. That was good. Canadian bacon Yacht. Rueda Bahama. Come on, pretty mommy. I mean, we're decided. That's why Mommy is not okay to sing as an adult. The beach boys would have never said, Come on, pretty Mommy Desai Prinz. That'll do it for us this morning Here on the D a show thanks to Shawn Moore as executive producer. Thanks to Pete, the body Baladi on the wheels of steel and audio Director. Thanks, Andrew. Bogus, Sean your headline today. Andrew Kaplan. The Wizard of Watched. We'll see. Will Co I play tonight in Game five doesn't look promising. We'll discuss it all. Tomorrow morning on the D a show Be good and be good to one another..

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