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The British Virgin Islands was the U. S. Virgin Islands bit harder than Porter Rico what what is the latest your hearing there were widespread power outages in the U. S. Virgin Islands both at Saint Thomas and Saint Croix but work is under way to restore power they're at now and other than that they also don't seem to be any reports of major damage other than possibly some damage from minor flooding all right that's in pairs Adrian Florido he is in San Juan Puerto Rico where it looks like people are breathing a sigh of relief this morning as hurricane Dorian moves away Adrian thanks so much thanks David as we mentioned the US Virgin Islands were closer to Dorian's path and Stacey Plaskett was on Saint Croix as the storm was hitting she represents the U. S. Virgin Islands in Congress comes on plastic thank you for joining us this morning I know it's probably been a rough a rough night as the storm was gone by thank you so much this storm was really here for most of the day into the afternoon so by evening on thing Corey seven thirty the governor's lifted the curfew I think Thomas of course if you're probably aware got hit a little quite a bit more it picked up from now on in the door and picked up and really did a bit of damage over there of course we were really concerned because we are already in a fragile state I've like quarter Rico we have over a thousand people maybe twelve hundred who still have harp on their route and some of our infrastructure of course our hospitals and such have issues in terms of their ability to be able.

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