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Traffic and weather on the 8th over to rich hunter, the WTO P traffic center. My first of what may be several openings of the Woodrow Wilson bridge, but on the outer loop only they're doing some maintenance work on the draw span. So as a result, they're stopping traffic on the outer loop only so far inter loop traffic gets by, but again, expect delays to build up, usually last about 15 to 20 minutes, they release traffic, clears out, they'll probably do a few more depending on what they need to get done. So just be prepared for delays at the Woodrow Wilson ridge on the adder loop, leaving Alexandria, headed toward oxen hill. Now, on the beltway in Maryland on the adult fish at north route one college park toward the 95 interchange two right lanes past the work zone, Virginia jammed again tonight interloop between Arlington boulevard and I 66, single file right get you through the work sound and again no access to the express lanes they are closed between the entrance and Springfield and I 66 all part of the greater project for the express lanes west of the capitol beltway on I 66 also on the outer loop to go west on 66 secure down to a single right lane through that work zone. 95 southbound just south of one 23 works on in a single ride lane and then further south as you had south of Prince William county into Stafford county after the exit for Quantico, your mom marker one 46 single right lane block there as well. 66 eastbound between 29 and 28 and Centreville single left line get you by and then between the fairfax county Parkland route 50 fairfax, you're also down to one single length left getting through. At last check in Montgomery county still had the closure of Marilyn 200 both directions between George avenue and shady grove road that for a serious crash under investigation. Whether you're moving down the street across the country or around the world, interstate moving has been delivering quality moves you can trust for over 75 years visit their website and move interstate dot com, rich hunter WTO traffic, get a precision AC tune up for only $69. Michael and son and now the storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller. Turning partly cloudy here through the evening and through the overnight temperatures we'll be falling into the middle 60s to around 70 for overnight lows

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