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Think and whether on the aids and when it breaks out found on canal road from Georgetown to palisades the disabled vehicle after Arizona Avenue is likely still they're tying up the right lane after Arizona Avenue that's leading to delays on Arizona we now from palisades macarthur Boulevard toward chain bridge as well in Virginia southbound on three ninety five it is slow for the Pentagon to ward landmark to exit on to Duke street that back up is because of a crash involving a damaged power pole north of Duke street blocking north van Dorn St drivers working around that the closure of Vandoorne by taking Jordan street instead to get to do street that is loaded up ninety five south is having from Newington Woodbridge couple slowdowns and Stafford sixty six west for Centerville on the brakes the crash before Bull Run is crowding the left side outer loop a little heavy past telegraph road toward the Wilson bridge crash local lane should be gone absolutely no delay at all you're the American Legion bridge heavy but moving steadily on the outer loop through Bethesda and Silver Spring Montgomery County Maryland from Redland towards what on shady Grove road the crash in the last of the clean up is still blocking the westbound lanes of shady Grove between Mong caster mill in mid county highway Brandywine northbound three oh one near cedar hill road crash reported in between California and Calvert cliffs portions of route four have mostly re opened including near the Thomas Johnson bridge and also near Calvert cliffs and co point road they had traffic stop for police activity a couple different locations but we think all traffic now is beginning to move on Maryland route four in these locations leaks it drips AC or heater disasters col Snell for same day service plus fifty dollars off call eight six six seven seven stand up guys our business now heating and air dot com Dave told I. WTOP travel have temperatures tonight falling into the low to mid fifties with an isolated shower possible before midnight and then areas of rain impacting the region after midnight until seven AM on Friday with some pockets of heavier rain and maybe even a rumble of.

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