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Knew a rocky mountain national park and he wanted to spend a week camping in the park under winter conditions and he had all of the right equipment and if there was anyone that was probably suited for that environment in all of colorado it was rudy twenty seven years old absolutely perfect condition well as friends dropped them at the lakes zimmerman trail trail head on february thirteenth and he was last seen on his skis going up towards thunder pass well his friend returned six days later and at a pre designated spotty wasn't there well thirty to rocky mountain national park rangers in larimer county searchers went into the area in the first day of the search they found a food cash and food cave that he had made west of underpass no fresh tracks and they thought well we're we're gonna find them now and what they looked for was human waste in the area they couldn't find any and based on the amount of food that he had left behind and what he had eaten they figured he was only there for a day maximum maybe two and he had only taken his daypack unless the major pack of behind well one unusual part of this research is that as you read these stories in search and rescue lobs and law enforcement reports it seems an extraordinary number of times the aircraft associated with the search have some kind of engine problems and this instance.

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