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To round the house with aaron g and caroline. This is the mid week special. This is where we talk about. Maybe some news updates at what's going on in the middle of the week in Today i've even got a little bit of stuff off the cutting room for from last weekend. Show that didn't fit into the show. I want to include that in later in a little bit here in this episode as you know. This is a shorter episode that we have a good time. Where so. we've got some fun stuff. i had. Well hey any of you out there. That are listening to us on the radio. I wanted to just kind of give you a heads up. We have some changes coming up ad. Which in theory should not impact you but there are things that are also outside of our controls are just want to make sure that everybody knows if you listen to us on a certain station and after labor day weekend if we end up at a different time slot or you can't find us. Let me know around the house. Online dot com. Let me over there on the contest. Contact us page because we are changing syndication companies. So the good news is we've signed a long term deal going out there so we've got around the house coming for years to come in the future on the radio and of course the podcast so just make sure that you stay tuned air if you are a radio listener thank you but there might be some changes in some of the markets that we don't have full control on so most of our stations. I've already confirmed that. We're looking good. Because they have been such great partners over the years the program so a little bit of housekeeping out of the way. And let's talk about today. Because i had some really good news for everybody today. Lumber prices are officially back to where they've been and they keep getting lower. It was just a month or so ago. We were talking about how it was seventy six dollars for sheet of seven sixteen. Sp now of course. That's not my favorite material. But hey if you're building the shatter doing something else. It's a cheap way to go. It's not something that you see. Luxury homebuilders us however comma. That seventy six dollars is now down to fourteen. Seventy five sheet. Yes it just went from seventy six dollars and about two months down to fourteen seventy five a sheet. So that's a big deal right. That's a big deal so lower prices are back so you can get going on those projects and quite frankly i would get going on before the next shortage that we have so. It's a good time to get out. There don't nutty and buy stuff like it's toilet paper and you're walking out of costco or walmart or or anywhere like that with shopping carts full unless you got a whole schoolhouse of people. Don't worry about it but it's a good time to get materials because there's a good price on it now. So something to think about our. I wanted to talk a little bit about availability. We talk about this every week and this is one of the things that i wanna give everybody an update on. It took me a little bit of extra effort to get the paint. The house painting it up this weekend. I'll be doing some painting. It's not one hundred degrees outside this weekend. So i'm going to get that painting project wrapped up but paint is still in short supply. Sue do not run down your paint store in. Think that you're gonna have something. Maybe on the shelf call ahead order it call ahead two weeks from now get the paint early so that way you've got it for when you need the project because david applebaum friend of mine here. Two months ago he was driving all around. La trying to track down a couple of gallons of paint for his condo. Just flat paint. We're not talking some crazy. We're just talking interior latex and he was struggling with that so make sure what that. If you're looking into a cabinet project out there be very careful. A lot of the manufacturers are at twenty weeks. I have friends lots of friends in the cabin industry. Since i worked in it for almost thirty years there are shop floors. That are packed. Full of cabinets. The can't get delivered to builders. Why is that. They're out of drywall. they're out of trusses framing bind because a trust us can't get there all that stuff to eight track incomplete because you're short materials. All of these things are happening out there. And what happens is when you see these cabinet. Companies have thousands and thousands of cabinets stuck on their on their warehouse for things get jammed in. I know of new companies. I know of cabinet companies right now that sell mostly to builders and they are not taking on new clients at all right now if you don't have an account they're not going to open one up for you so it's that series of deal so v very careful in the cab mature stuff right now. Don't go started before you get it and make sure the order way early because if they say it's going to be When you order it out six day weeks you might have to double that so just be very careful and like i said i know companies that are still at twenty weeks so be really careful with that. I'm seeing countertop issues out there with some of the courses. I'm even seeing sluiter out there. You know the shower people. They've got some serious problems with their board in their in their mixed stuff so There's some definitely empty shelves and some of the wholesalers out there that seems to be going sideways so again product shortages. Be careful you might have to use another or you might have to get early so just think about those things. Pretty well and You know the hvac staff. I'm definitely seeing that when it comes in. If you're thinking about doing a new heating cooling system coming into fall here You'd better get out on the books right now because I think we're still going to see those shortages going in and with so many holes in the ground right now out there now. The lumber prices are down builders like full speed ahead. There's a demand for homes. We're going to build them. We're going to go. You better get in line for that stuff. Because i don't wanna see you think. Oh man i'm gonna get this before winter and you're going to have a three or four month. Wait before they can come. Install it just because they're waiting for equipment for your house so something to think about. Hey make sure you sign up here. It's you know. It's wednesday here the week. So tuesday night wednesday morning. So make sure that you've got signed up for e kobe thermostat giveaway and that's over there at around the house online dot com and a little secret over there. You can go over there and you know. Caroline's got her favorite movie star. Put that in there. You've heard that from the previous episodes. We talk about it last week as well. Listen one of the episodes last week especially in the mid week special last week we give that away but do that there and then next week we're gonna be giving away a panasonic vin fan. That's coming up there as well so we've got some exciting stuff coming ahead the i don't want you to miss. We've got some great interviews as well aren't let's go back to our discussion here. With william white from our dachshund caroline. We kind of jumped in here. I found this clip that we didn't put into the show for some reason. Think it was after hours. So i'll after we're done at the show. We had a conversation. Let's get back to this william white and caroline be. I think she could do it. I think carolyn can tackle her own project i could. I just get tile dawn's like it's daunting to me because of the cutting and i'm not artistic at all like i'm the type of person that will cut something and my god. It's a little crooked. I'm like she's a little more artistic than artistic but it works. Just kidding senior thinker. He's a stinker so we go see you can tell that. Williams spent a lot of time in the bathroom with me working on that bathroom. So okay i will say we were installing my shower and we had so many crazy jokes in there because there was like four of us in this little bathroom and the how many dudes can you fit in the shower. Joke was just absolutely hilarious over and over and over again. It was like dad joke central for a couple of hours. I picture you laying on your non your non the straight but what we call it your lips tub or shower curb mcgann laying flat.

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