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ABC's? Karen Travers has Trump's tweet comes two days after Gavin Newsom pledged to fight against what he calls the corruption and incompetence of the White House the teacher's union in LA has announced teachers will not walk off the job this week in order for clarity. And to allow members in our communities to plan. UT LA is moving the strike date to Monday, January fourteenth union VP. Gloria Martinez is a strike can be avoided. If an agreement is reached teachers want retroactive raises more staffing, the union says the school district and the man in charge have been spreading lies and misinformation. A proposed state law could soon prevent politicians from using political funds to fight sexual harassment claims Bill introduced by state Senator Connie Leyva, prohibits legal defense money and campaign dollars from being used towards legal fees for any violations of the fair employment and housing act. Labor says part of it was about clarifying the law, but moreover wrong that you could sexually harass someone and then use fun. That were donated to you to your campaign to be used to help you get reelected. Those funds were not donated to you to use to defend some bad behavior. She says the law would make it illegal to use that money for sexual harassment or any other discrimination claims Corbin Carson KFI news. The supreme court has sacked a Super Bowl ticket lawsuit. A fan tried suing the NFL claiming the leaks restrictive ticketing process forced him to pay more than double the eight hundred dollar face value for Super Bowl ticket on the secondary market in two thousand fourteen at the time New Jersey law made it illegal for innovations to withhold tickets from the general public in any amount exceeding five percent of all available seating for the event. But the ticket this guy purchase was part of a lottery for one percent of seats. So justices ruled the NFL didn't do anything wrong. Super bowl. Tickets won't be cheap this year. Either right now seatgeek shows the cheapest ticket for Super Bowl fifty three is twenty eight hundred dollars. Monica Rix, KFI news traffic.

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