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But Cox automotive chief economist Jonathan smoke says it's just a six-month reprieve on one part of a multi part trade issue that doesn't remove the lingering uncertainty that essentially causes manufacturers to struggle with making long-term investments. The White House today also ending tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada and Mexico. Jeff Gilbert, w w j you Freddie go nine fifty. Meantime, Mexico's national chamber of the iron and steel industry. Congratulating the country's officials on the agreement reached with the US on ending steel and aluminum tariffs chamber says, in a statement posted online that it considers the deal a strong and very positive step for industry in the entire region. It also calls it a great advance toward ratifying, the new trade deal between Mexico and the United States, and Canada, the chamber says, free and fair trade in the region favors the competitiveness of North America on Wall Street markets closed lower Friday. Dow industrials falling ninety eight points. WW J business editor Murray Feldman says trade talks with China, have reportedly broken down. And the news sent stocks south footwear has been a big trade concern much of it comes from China, footwear company, wolverine worldwide of Michigan hit a new low today could be trade related the stock fell twenty seven cents one percent. Plymouth based perception hit a new low today. They have blamed weak financial results in part due to uncertainty over the trade issue. Companies holding their orders back perception is now sitting.

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