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He gets wet and the hose and he ends up jumping in the pool. And then we just had this whole unexpected evening together and it was a lot of fun. We're going to bed late late at night and and you know, we're talking and every night before we pray. I always ask them what something from today you're thankful for. You know, any is usually like, oh, there we go to target or blah, blah. He said, last. Night. This is truth. He, this is the impact of Bob's book on him. He goes dad. I mean, I'm thankful. It's Monday, which means I can't play video games until the weekend, and because that's the rule Monday through Thursday, Nova gains. And I said, really, you're thankful for that. Why he goes? Well, dad, I've learned that when I don't play video games, I better engage the world around me lions to me. He said that from issue, he said that last night. Adorable. I mean, that is that is Bob. I mean, that is absolutely like go have adventures, engage the world around you. Jesse, I'm telling you, you needed to read loved us for kids. I'm very thankful for left-outs. For the one thing that before we go to space camp, you need to have the mindset of, I'm gonna shut off what I normally would do and embrace, and I need to engage the world around me and say, yes, to the scuba experience and all of the space. Nerd thing I will say this I was this love does is powerful book. It's a powerful franchise this, you know, but I have one with it. I will right in the middle of my book lovers too. Does is coming out and obviously I'm not going to release lovers. Do the history of the Commonwealth. Craziest book ever love. Jesse next week and Huntsville, Alabama. You need to live the life that lovers do brace. You need embrace things. All right. Well, when probably scuba I'll give them my size today. You have to. How do you know? Is this an inappropriate question? How? No, you're scuba size. How are you? Are you a small medium or large, I think, is the basic, can't be wrong on that though. You, this is. The stakes are too high. Really. It'll suck to you like waiters it's fine. Just get a bigger one Bill with longer. Drag you down and make your tanks lied off the bottom of the YMCA. Folly to the bottom of this. The pool wildly flailing. My scuba knife. That's right. Oh, that's right. Moving along. It is time for our weekly look back at what happened in culture and entertainment is time for. And case you missed it this week, Jimmy Fallon, and Stephen Colbert might show up to a random church and serve mass. The show host was a guest on the recent New Yorker festival where he opened up about his faith background Fallon, who grew up wanting to become a Catholic priest revealed that his show recently came really close to getting the pope to be a guest and like late show host Stephen Colbert. He served as an altar boy when he was young. He then revealed that he and Steven have been planning on visiting a church together. He said, we actually talked about showing up to a random mass around the city and just reliving our altar boy days and serving mass one day. We might still do it. He previously told Terry gross about growing up in the church. He said, I just loved the church. I loved the idea of it. I love the smell of the incense. I loved the feeling you get when you left church. I love how this priests can make people feel this good. I just thought it was. I love the whole idea of it. My grandfather was very religious. So I used to go to mass with him at like six, forty, five. Morning and serve mass. I thought I had the calling. Well, he's still doing the same to make people feel good, I guess. And I've heard I haven't been to a taping, but I've heard that the late show said, the incense is very powerful, the smell it smells great. I mean, yeah..

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