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I accept that in reaching with oganizations and politicians during a private holiday in israel my actions fell below the high standards that are expected of a secretary of state well my actions were meant with the best of intentions my actions also fell below the standard of transparency and openness that i promote eaten advocated by author of fulsome apology to you unto the government for what has happened and offer my resignation of this is what theresa may had to say in her letter to her former cabinet colleague as you know the uk in israel a close allies and it is right that we should work closely together but that must be done formally an through official channels that is why when we met on monday i was glad to accept your apology and welcomed you'll clarification about your trip to israel of the summa now that further details have come to light it is right that you've decided to resign and it hit the high standards of transparency and openness that you have advocated on the bbc journalist who first broke the story about won't pretty patel had been doing with all diplomatic correspondent james lando and he's been speaking to my colleague tim francs i think pretty brutal had to resign two reasons one was the original sin namely the fact that she had gone on a private holiday to israel and during that private holiday she had twelve meetings arranged david two days packed shedule organized by a pro israel conservative campaign a load pollock all without telling the foreign office without any officials civil servants present so that was the first a sin if you like because that breached so many written and unwritten conventions of how you should do business both in terms of just the practicality of government night one bit of government name with the other hands doing but also the principles of collective responsibility and government acting as one that up part of the british political system then seemed to was the way she responded to the way in which i reached the store in reveal the story lost friday her initial response was to give an interview to the god you.

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