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Even as the Seattle City Council is considering plans to cut SPD's budget Council members admit that their 50% proposal is not even possible this year. But there are many cities all across the country that are trying to reimagine policing. We've heard that here in Seattle, we've heard that down in Portland and other major cities. But this is happening as gun violence is going up. So how do you control crime with fewer police officers? And before we hear from the King County prosecutor G. You had something to say during our morning meeting that Ah Maybe think Because I was saying, you know, Hey. We're seeing more violent crimes, gun violence, etcetera. And And now we're talking about cutting in the current proposal could be hundreds of officers and, Yeah, I don't like the idea of cutting hundreds of officers, but I want us all to understand this again. Let me repeat. I don't like the idea of cutting hundreds of officers, especially with no plan really in place. They kind of get into that. But I want to be clear. Maura Police officers are not going to stop gun violence. What stops? You have to stop gun violence at the core. And what stops that? Is jobs opportunities for some of these folks earlier, we had a story that we did not get to. There was a situation in which a I don't know what state it was in Ursula, but someone get charged with a felony for stealing a to a dollar and 50 cent steak. That's Tennessee, Tennessee. Okay, when when that happens, Ursula when, when, when? When a man gets and I don't know if that man has kids or not, But let's just say he does have kids and he has a felony. For a steak that he stole. Well, that's gonna have a ripple effect, because if you take that dad out of the home or that parent away from his kids, then it's going to be a ripple effect when it comes to the kids, and there's a good chance for kids getting out there. We can go on and on and on, but we have to do a better job with getting to the root of the problem the same way the war on drugs Did Maura police officers and more manpower for police. Stop the drug epidemic? No, it didn't. And I agree with that. I mean there. There needs to be more. But in the meantime, you know, addressing the problems and those were some of the things that we talked about those systemic problems and needing to go to the core, and I mean, I think I would add. In some cases, it's you know whether it's access to firearms for the wrong people to get access to guns. Ah, there are a lot of things that are at the core. And like you said, you know, lack of mental illness, You know, help for people who are mentally ill and and the other things that you identified, but We're not there. We're not at the point where we can say, you know. Yeah, we're it's going to take awhile to address those issues. So in the meantime, are you better off having fewer officers? Now. King County Prosecutor Dan Satur Berg spoke with Hannah Scott about some of this. In the first half of 2020. Many more people have been shot in the average over the last four years that we've Kept track. In fact, 140 people have been shot with firearms. So far this year, 36 of them died, which is a 44% increase over last year, 104 people were shot. They didn't die, but that's a 16% increase over last year. So we king just a lot more violence, and I think we anticipated on top of that. Clearly that gun violence has a disproportionate impact on communities with black and indigenous and people of color. In fact, 73% of the people shot so far this year, 73% have been from communities of color. So as we look at debate about de funding, we kind of sure that we don't defund so far that we failed to serve the communities of color that it must be impacted by violence. So that would be the other side of the coin looking at it that way, Thie other thing that I heard yesterday that we have not talked about is what would Ah, the mayor say, you know, we should get she she proposed a $20 million cut to the Seattle Police Department. Which, according to the community groups, who planned to march to Seattle City Hall today, they say that is not enough, but she had some more details to offer yesterday are 2020 proposal included. $20 million in cuts to the Seattle Police Department budget this year, which represents 10% of the budget for the remainder of the air. These cuts were driven by the full involvement of the Seattle Police Department in chief Carmen Best. Which is the right way to go about transforming the Seattle police Department. The city charter vest in chief Carmen Best. The management responsibilities for the Seattle Police Department. Since we transmitted are balancing package. The chief and I have emphasized that those cuts were all that were feasible this year in order to accommodate the process of moving things out of the department, as well as making sure that we could maintain a level for public safety. So Now these groups are going to be marching to City Hall. They're starting from the juvenile jail location and again. This is something that is being dust discussed at City Council today. And You know, it raises a lot of questions about are we better off? You know, can we get by right now, with hundreds fewer officers when again. Just a few months ago, we were talking about the lack of officers. Hey, Ursula. A perfect lie. Makes the truth. Unbelievable. What I mean by that, um, a deeper meaning to what I just said, is There's sometimes that I really understand. When a lot of folks just don't get it. So often we are dealing and we have people in power. We have politicians, sometimes in power. I really don't care about their constituents. We have people that are in power that are there because they had a lot of money. To back their campaign, or they had a lot of influence. Or sometimes the system. There's a story has been told for so long. The wrong way that many people don't understand. So what I say things like More police officers don't stop gun violence. There is a majority of people that listen to when I say that, And they say no, no, you're wrong. But at the same time I totally understand why you would say that because we have been programmed for so many years to believe that more police officers is going to stop violence. We have been program. To say, Hey, we gotta lock up all of the drug dealers and lock him up because once we lock up drug dealers, Ursula, this will stop drugs. The perfect lie makes the truth. Unbelievable. And so all of the things that we are facing right now, all of these things that we're trying to re program it's hard is making discussions hard is making some of the language heart. It is tough right now. No, I don't agree with an automatic 50% defunding of the police. I don't agree with that. No, I don't think I agree with getting rid of hundreds of cops..

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