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A. B. C. dot com D. A. R. traffic traffic alert that's seven forty two we still have big problems on two valley freeways Danny sold out of the valley Chevy dealers traffic center any idea yet what time at least one of them might reopen not yet not yet all keep checking though right now it looks like at this investigation is going on for a fatal wreck that happened just after two o'clock this morning and that do that I. seventeen is closed northbound at Indian school road so you can exit the freeway at Indian school you have to you can reenter it though using that Indian school road on ramp I know it sounds a little silly but they're both right there and you can't do that or just avoid the freeway completely stupid nineteenth Avenue twenty Seventh Avenue or something else also up in the north part of the valley the loop one oh one that's closed eastbound that's going to be let's see looks like a freeway extends back now eastbound loop one on one between state route fifty one that's where it's closed right there so you are going to have to use other alternates like bell road that one goes all the way through union hills drive and actually doesn't but bell road does and so this greenway and then just to let you know in that same area state route fifty one the north bound ramp that leads to eastbound loop one oh one that is also close to you cannot use that transition ramp this report it's brought to you by barrow neurological institute time is brain why you should be fast when responding to a stroke may is stroke awareness.

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