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The Sabbath was made for people. Not people for the Sabbath. As a result, the son of man is Lord even of the Sabbath. It's the Gospel of Mark. Chapter two. So did Jesus. Get the name wrong? If you go and look up what David did In first Samuel chapter, 21. It doesn't look good for Jesus. The name is right there in black and white. It's a him elect, not abaya Thar. But before we question Jesus credibility, let's listen to the back story. It's the story of David. David, if you remember is the human king chosen by God. The true king to represent God to the people. The only problem is The old King isn't happy about this. The old King saw doesn't want David to be King. He's jealous of David. He's threatened by David and he's trying to kill David. So David is on the run, and he's got no food and no provisions, and he goes to hide out in the House of God. Now the House of God at this point isn't a brick and mortar building. It's a tent, a traveling tent and and 500 years or so before David was even born. God designed this tent and had Moses and the people build it, and this tent was filled with symbolism. It wasn't just the blood and the guts of the animal sacrifices for the sin offerings in the guilt offerings. That's part of it, but there's a bigger picture. You go back and read the descriptions of the tent of meeting as it's called in the Book of Exodus and Leviticus, you get a picture of God welcoming his people into his presence. Welcoming sinful people. Forgiven people. People cleansed by the sacrificial blood. Into his presence. To sit with them. And eat with them. And it's not just the the sin offerings in the guilt offerings that the animal sacrifices are about The animal sacrifices have a dual purpose. As meals. And it's not just steak and pork chops on the menu. Not pork chops, steak and lamb chops on the menu. It's also bred Lots of bread every week, the priest on duty would set out New bread, freshly baked bread. They called it the bread off the presence. 12 loaves of bread, one for each tribe of Israel, and the priest would set out the new bread, and then he would take the bread from last week home to his household to his family, and they would eat the bread. Of the presence. This wasn't just a way for them to compensate the priest for his work. It was a meal filled with meaning. Priests and their families would eat their meals in God's presence. They would be representing the people before God. It would be as though God, the king himself. We're relaxing at the table with them. This is all part of the back story. Of the life of David, and it's part of the back story off this argument between Jesus and the Ferris E. So Jesus references a time and David's life when he was on the run when his life was threatened. And he's got no food, no provisions. He's hungry, and he goes to find refuge in the House of God. And there he meets the priest, a man by the name of a him, Elek. And he asks the priest if he has any food for him and his friends and him, elect says I don't have any common food, but I do have the holy bread. And then him, Elek. Goes and gets the bread off the presence and gives it to David and his companions to eat. And if your affair see right now you're thinking to yourself. Why would he do that? That's on Lee for the priest to eat. Now in a him Alexe defense, He probably wouldn't have done this for just anybody coming off the street. But this isn't just anybody. This is David. Human king chosen by God, the true king to represent God to the people. It's David here. This isn't time to quibble about rules. Go get the bread. Says a him Elek. Let's have a feast. This brings us back. To the so called abaya Thara him elect contradiction. Because the guy that Jesus mentions and Mark Chapter two is not a him, Elek. It's a bias are but a bio. Thor is not even in the chapter. Who's abaya far then? You got to read the rest of the story. So you remember that David's on the run from Mad King Saul Saul wants to kill him, and he's hunting David. He's trailing David, and the trail leads salt to a him elect the priest. Saw questions him, Elek. Why he helped David, his rival him elect answers and saw is not happy. With a hymn elects answer. And so he kills him. Elect. He slaughters him. He kills all the priests. He kills their families. He kills everybody on Lee. One guy makes it away from Sol. One of the him elect sons. On Lee Priest left now. Man by the name. Of abaya Thar. The one that Jesus mentions in Mark, Chapter two verse 26. So Is Jesus reference to Abaya Thor a contradiction. I don't think so. By mentioning Abaya Thar Jesus is referencing not just the scene, but the whole story. And he's doing it to draw a comparison between King David And himself, and here's the comparison. And David God, the true King. Shows Ah, Human King to represent God to the people, but the king goes through a time of suffering. A time when people contradicted His kingship..

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