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Slash modern love. It's now eight years since hopes piece came out, and she says go has become the stuff of family legend, he continues to live in my daughter's bedroom. She's now in college he sits on top of her bookshelf. And we live in canyon that's NFL zone in Los Angeles, and occasionally we have to evacuate, and whenever we evacuate. I make sure that Fumiko comes with us because he is one of those valued family heirlooms now that we wouldn't want to lose and hopes still remembers her daughter shielding Fumiko from the rain that moment at the very end of the piece struck me because it wasn't just that she presented herself as capable but that I saw her, showing empathy. And when I said that my mother hadn't given me everything, but she'd given me enough. Felt that she'd given me the skills or the care that I needed in order to be able to care for a child and love them with my whole heart, and in that little moment, I felt that there was some confirmation that I had given my daughter the same. And that even if I didn't live to see her into adulthood that still would be the foundation that was most important but hope says she was determined to be with her daughters as they became adults because I was seventeen when my mom died that was sort of always a number in my head. You know, if I can just get both of them to seventeen if I can just be at their high school, graduations, I will have given them most of what they need because my mom gave me most of what I needed. And so as the older one past seventeen in the younger one is right on the cusp. She'll be seventeen in two weeks. I feel like they are have grown into very competent individuals. And I'm not as concerned about them as I was when they were young. But as her daughters have grown hope has entered a new phase of parenting one that she doesn't have a model for we'd hit those moments where maybe I didn't know what to do. Or didn't know, you know, what a mother's role should be in. So I would ask them. And I would say I really don't know how to handle the situation because I had to do this one on my own, and I can see that you know, you'd like some help from easel. Let's talk about how I can best be of support to you. I have gotten to the other side of the adolescent drama with my older daughter, and it's beautiful to have a twenty one year old. She's so terrific. I think I spent a lot of time being anxious and worried that I might not do it. Right. And you know, I'm not one hundred percent sure that there's a way to do it wrong..

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