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You may notice was the only NBA point guard dominant basketball player hall of Famer who lead two different teams the NBA championships Dennis Johnson there you got all your chop your very good always a pleasure god that was good job yes D. something else the sonics in the Celtics he is just so many things about his phone call that make me laugh three mile walk you thought of it so that's pretty good I mean I was I why did my three miles today walking and I wasn't thinking about it I was a I could tell you right now was not thinking about that is Johnson thank Richard good good to hear from you I love that we just a limited Duke North Carolina Kentucky from the world base I mean they're going to be that guy it was a good talking within the SEC an issue I'm talking is going to be there dude North Carolina was in North Carolina had a terrible you know I had a bad year and it's a year and by the way just because like let's say we enter the world where all the top high school recruits are gonna go to the G. league right let's just say we into that world what do you think that the top programs is still not gonna get the top player is a valuable source fifteen going to the G. league what do you think sixteen is going yeah no doubt he's still going to go to those schools no doubt Jon Heyman coming up bracket paid five with a ten ten wins coronavirus update I'm Susan Richard governor Cuomo announces that New York on pause will continue through at least may fifteenth he has also ordered all drivers and passengers on both mass transit and for hire vehicles to wear masks for twenty four hour coverage go to ten ten wins or tell your smart device to play ten ten wins welcome back to sports view next topic is it really all about power makes me think of progressives name your price tool give you the power to find options based on your budget let's go to Chuck for in a relevant analogy may back in the day people and that's how many are registering the quake they just took the oranges they didn't say on a six seven twelve fifty whatever it was all Regis you get me we get your Jack in a word oranges into history with the progressive name your price to all progressive casualty insurance company affiliates pricing coverage much limited by state law I am Jay Farner.

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