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Barry Armstrong, Representative Armstrong advisory group and the Securities America companies are unaffiliated dozens of medical professionals have been charged in an opioid sting. And I'll tell you what. This is good news. Given the fact that we're losing what do we listen forty fifty thousand people per year to opioid addiction terrible. Yeah. Thirty one doctor seven pharmacists, eight, nurses, and other professionals were charged mainly in a few states Kentucky, Alabama. Oh, hi, oh, Tennessee and West Virginia. Which if I'm not mistaken all of those states round out the top ten for states that have been worst hit by the opioid epidemic. In terms of in terms of deaths there they seem to be going after the low hanging fruit here. I mean, these were clearly blatant issues of abuse. I mean one doctor was selling prescriptions in exchange for sex. The other one was. Recruiting prostitutes to become patients one of them was pulling teeth unnecessarily to be able to prescribe these opioids. I mean, really frightening. Frightening stuff now there'd be going to jail, and that will circulate throughout the medical community. Right. Will people will we'll hear about it. Yeah. I was talking about Dr Who operates up in New Hampshire, and I it does sound like the pendulum has completely swung in the opposite direction. Now. Yeah, he has to far perhaps, arguably, I mean, you know, presumably, there are responsible doctors out there that find that opioids are still the best option for some of their patients, and he said that getting those prescriptions filled these days, no matter how they are is next to impossible. He has pharmacists that call him everyday that say, no, I'm not feeling this prescription and basically complained to the medical board to get it done. Holy cow. Surprising stuff. But yeah, I mean, the the standards on how much of this you can prescribe at a time. And the the pharmacists pushing back on the prescriptions is pretty substantial these days from from what I understand well in the pharmacists are probably doing it out of fear for their own business. They're terrified they're terrified. So you can't blame them. But in the conversations I've had within the medical community. They said, yeah. The opioid addiction is a problem but properly used it's very beneficial. You back surgery your need something like that. If you're if you have achilles tendon surgery, your brother had that. Yeah. And you know, he he they prescribed opioids because of that. Yeah. I'll tell you. That's scares the heck out of me. If I have serious injury. I do everything I can to avoid game prescribe that sort of thing we're taking if I am prescribed that. Yeah. Samsung has a problem son of a gun. They just have a tough time with new phones a couple years ago when they had the exploding phones. Right. It was. So this is their brand new two thousand dollar phone. It's really on the edge. And it's been the the folding phone, so it's basically size of tablet that you can fold up and put in your pocket and still use it as a cellphone, a very interesting idea, very novel. But yeah, they've found this is not available. To the public. They sent a bunch of them to their testers and the ones that testers have just been breaking right left and center. So these were reviewers right -nology yet tech like type tech reviewers take a look at these sorts of things. So not a great look they were hoping to bring these devices to market by April twenty six which is now I can't imagine that's going to be happening really said it is like the company has acknowledged that they've had some problems. But they said, hey, we're going to market I guess that's next week. Right. Next friday. Yeah. I mean that that's that's pretty darn soon. I can't imagine that's going to happen at a two thousand dollar price points. You cannot have your folding phone breaking on day one. No, hey, we had two companies go public today Pinterest and zoom. I can give you the latest pricing. We have on both of them Pinterest symbol P I. N S is trading at twenty four fifty two. So it's up twenty eight percent, Michael. And then zoom, I can't believe this price action. It's up twenty seven dollars trading up seventy five percent at sixty three thirteen. That's pretty incredible. So the Pinterest IPO prices, actually, what nineteen dollars a share. Yes. The IPO price actually came up to nineteen bucks. A share trading started at twenty three seventy five. I wonder if they learned from list, you know, lift kind of took every penny that was on the table. Yeah. Companies both left a lot of money on the table. They did nobody seems to have gotten adjust right? So far. Although, you know, we're still just in day one of trading. These could vary ease. Easily go in either direction at this point. Lift didn't really start taking taking hits to their stock price until a few days after right? I think it was like they've been the second or third day though. I mean, it wasn't long. No, I didn't take the vantage. These companies have is the markets are closed tomorrow. That's true. People have time to think about this a little bit. So you know, you're not gonna see any you'll see close today at four o'clock. But then there'll be no new trades made in this until Monday. Yeah. I don't know. What that I? And it's hard for me to say. Well, that's good for the stock or bad for the stock is just the fact Hoover is nearing an investment deal for their self driving car unit. Yeah. Uber is trying to push. I think a whole bunch of deals through in the next really few weeks or month in order to probably just look a little bit more profitable for what we're talking about today, which is their IP. Oh, this deal would be selling off part of the self driving car unit that they've poured a lot of money into so just trying to raise more money and look a little bit more profitable as they head into Pio season. So that they don't go the way of lift, quite frankly. Yeah. Yeah. The that's that trait that PO will be in early may. And we have no idea what about pricing on that. No. But I mean in terms of market value. You would think that it's going to be somewhere in the five times more than lift range so Martin market cap on lift right now is about sixteen and a half billion dollars. Uber's been doing about five times as much revenue if you look at the last few years, so I would think that they will be no somewhere in that ninety two one hundred billion dollar range. Yeah. We'll see being. Being minted these days aren't there? Heck of a lot. I there are already plenty in Silicon Valley. But yeah, creating a whole lot more these days just think about what that's going to do to the real estate market. You know, somebody, you know, some of these young people under thirty years old are cashing in stock. That's worth twenty thirty forty million dollars, right then and they're going to go and they're gonna buy a house. Yeah. It doesn't matter. What it costs not really gonna buy a house, and they're gonna buy a tesla. It's just I'm not sure they're going to buy that tesla. Disagree with you there. A lot of Tesla's in California. There are Francisco. Yeah. There are just you know, looking at that brand, right? You're going to shell out. I don't think they're gonna shell out thirty five thousand dollars for the cheap brands, and maybe fifty or sixty thousand dollars version, I'm still asking myself that company to be here. Five years from now to still service this car or not. Well, you you may. An oldsmobile. He might be. Hey up next. We'll be joined by Paula Monica from CNN business. We're gonna conversation as it relates to into.

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