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Yeah let me let me know after you see it you know and bob ellemann says he was like yeah i was basically the x rating in its in you know implying that because of that scene and not encounter which is certainly the most significant i think um in homosexual encounter in the movie that that was a big part of why it landed the xrayed um which is intrigue in again just looking at it now because it's so it's so nonexplicit by i think by any standard certainly by modern standards but the and yet that ideas i mean the idea of of something being banned because of its possible influence on youngsters i mean that's that's the law that right now in russia is getting a bunch of people killed or imprisoned eddie eddie of influence it's like this i mean native influence even over act itself is so insidious ivory coast like in putin's russia his using it as a way of saying anything basically could be an influence either like like do you have died in hold him to their boyfriend and public that's an interim influence which enters lifts the vagueness of it that i think can really be so horrific and censorship now agree agree in its and i mean it's a you know we mentioned z earlier to that's a thing that since he this conversation about subversive nursan you know just the idea that symbol media can lead to ideas but it was something that was very hugely proud of prevalent in american politics and even society for decades still kind of is concerned that maybe that's about to be on something of an upswing land that yeah definitely and that's interesting because like ronaldo saw the screenwriter vis vis somebody who is considered subversive for his communist seems was blacklisted he is blacklisted in this idea of like subversion underneath all of it exactly exactly so then you've got the movie not being you know it's not by 2018 standards woke at all no it's it's it's a it does not in the thing is i don't you know i don't know that it's this films responsibility to try to portray all the entire spectrum of homosexuality and and it's not this movie's responsibility to show that the vast majority of people who are gay are in you know healthy loving relationships are not violent are not you know not in it or not drake.

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