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Dianne Feinstein opposed bernards domination while Senator come the Harris did not cast a vote, Don York KM J new clear skies here in north west Fresno Radio City temperature is sixty nine degrees. Heading four a high today of relatively mild. Eighty one degrees. Temperatures are going up. I'm Ron mccarey. Newstalk five eighty one zero five nine AM. The art of life Cancer Foundation has been chosen as one of the two thousand nineteen beneficiaries for the Granville home of hope. Purchase your homophobe tickets through the art of life Cancer Foundation and one. One hundred percent of the proceeds support their mission to connect and inspire. Those impacted by cancer through creative expression, each one hundred dollar ticket gets you the chance at a brand new beautiful three hundred fifty thousand dollar home in Granville home. Spill Tara neighborhood. Get your tickets today. Call five nine three zero one five six oh six. Breaking from the north Philip recipe. Saturdays eleven to one on NewsTalk five eighty one zero five nine KM. Jay, he's acting where your calls and tweets are welcome. You can come out of the shadows. Number four nine zero five eight five eight tweet us at Cam. Jay now prepare for the worst than hope for the best live local end on it. It's Philip to recipe is of the world are watch Philip Terresa on NewsTalk five eighty one zero five nine KM j. Doc, five eighty one zero five nine Kate m j live local and original on your Saturday morning on to rescue. Thank you for being here. Your phone numbers? If you want to join the conversation remain four nine hundred fifty eight fifty eight and eight hundred seven seven six fifty eight fifty eight. Can also play along on Twitter. You can find KM J all over social media at KM. Jay now off ace book Twitter Instagram, if you want breaking news, weather, traffic, exclusive audio check us out on social media at KM j. Now, if you wanna find me, especially during the show, find me on Twitter at Philip Terresa one. Ellen Philip interesting is T R E S. I don't find me at Philip Teresi dot com. The buzz question today at KM Jay now dot com. Asking gas prices are expected to hit four dollars a gallon. If they do will.

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