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Furnace tuna by calling 809 four 8 Mike Traffic and whether on the 8th and rob stallworth in the double TOP traffic setting Thanks so I got a new problem in green belt on the antelope after route one college park here in reports of a crash watch for authorities as they head to the scene on the antelope near Richie Marlborough road exit 13 still with the left side block for the debris spill there stay two lanes to the right in order to get by Out of the branch and northbound I 95 that crash cleared to the left shoulder still some delays though as you continue on the between route one college park and north on I 95 north down in southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway the crash was originally on a southbound side overturn had a single right lane getting by North mount had response blocking the left lanes they'll say still say single file right in order to get by north down on the BW Parkway as you head toward powder mill road traveling at this point top side of the beltway out of the delays off and on between Georgia avenue and river road with travel range open No problems on two 70 You guys are pretty smooth Southbound I 95 delays approaching the passing two 12 head toward four 95 west and the har loop no problems being reported if you're traveling on route 50 going to and from the bay bridge you guys remain pretty clear in Virginia on the interloop U.S. low pass adult toll road up to and across the American legion bridge also in northbound George Washington Parkway delays as you head toward the inner loop no problems being reported on 66 for now You guys are pretty clear but be mindful westbound expects and delays past the fairfax county Parkway had its war route 28 in cineville south and 9 95 on the brakes leaving Laura headed toward one 23 then again approaching and passing Dale City down toward triangle with traveling to open northbound I 95 before route three in Fredericksburg still with the left lane block for the crash there a tow truck is on scene We understand after that you are clear toward the Springfield interchange and onto I three 95 I'm rob stallworth OP traffic Let's head on over to storm team four Michelle Grossman And a good Sunday Expect a beautiful day today Lots of sunshine big difference though from yesterday we reached I have 70 yesterday We're.

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