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The San Francisco Giants. Hi, everybody. Jack Corrigan, along with Mike Reiss, our producer engineer Jesse Thomas Duck. Niemeyer. Att Master Control. The Rockies have been in control so far this season. They have Won all three. Siri's off, too, was six and to start in this 60 game season, and one of the things they need to continue to do is Win games at home because I think it's going to be one of those elements that plays out big here in 2020. There was a lot of talk of that in the summer camp Jack for sure. And so far so good. The Rockies win a Siri's against the Padres certainly had a chance to make it a sweep. Based on that good starting pitching. Not sure why that roll can't continue tonight. Dicky Gonzalez, who pitched very well down the stretch for the Rockies a year ago and essentially won the job between spring training in the summer camp to be that fifth guy. He has the challenge of being skip the 1st 2 times through the rotation. But he's ready to go tonight. He hasn't pitched it all this year. He was pretty good in the summer camp again is but black has said it's not the same. Not the same intensity. It's not the same competition level. That'll all ratchet up tonight for Cici, but he's a confident guy. He feels really good. Now, a couple of years removed from the Tommy John surgery, and I think he's ready to go. Rocky's on deck brought to US by Xfinity X one the hub for all things sports with the Xfinity sports Zone, the Rockies and the Giants Gonzalez and Cueto. Gonna be interesting. Tonight We'll take our first break when we come back. Mike will visit with Rocky's reliever Tyler Kinley here on the chaos. Rocky's Radio Network played.

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