President Trump, LIA, Donald Trump discussed on Opening Arguments


Update yeah so i agree with everything in your preface right so we started talking about the travel well we started talking about the travel ban back in the first yeah month of opening arguments we just thought oh this is something that kooky candidate is proposing those obviously we wouldn't have to worry about it yeah those days those days of your yeah and and from the beginning i have said that i believe the president has the statutory authority to do something like the travel ban when it first went into effect we talked about the the very first ruling by the ninth circuit court of appeals way back in episode forty three part of the defects of the first travel ban which called lia one retroactively now called e one the same way world war one not world one at the time right but out in hesse mystic people that just call four one you know there's going to be cut the travel ban to end all travel ban the great travel ban okay right so e o one was back in the stage where i don't know that donald trump had lawyers in the white house yet i mean it was is bannon bannon was just a and i think somebody else right let's see bannon blanking some other disgraced person who doesn't work there anymore like the back to the future picture where all the everybody who worked there disappeared because i guess trump went back in time and change something or they're just incompetent had be fired one or the other and so so yeah one had numerous obviously unconstitutional defects including most critically that it did not differentiate between individuals with a pre existing right to to reenter the country and individuals who did not so that led to i really i mean one of the positive things about trump as president as a as a as a byproduct is you know we have seen some really fantastic and geraldo ick action by individuals you know and at the state and local levels and this was the case where you know we saw those those photos of lawyers camping out in airports to help you.

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