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He can do it for about a week and then the real deal is gonna come out. What are you into for the midterm elections. I think. I don't wanna be Queen conventional wisdom, but I, I think probably Democrats will take the house. I think in the Senate. Republicans will perhaps I think I think they will keep the Senate. Maybe even add some seats that as you know, the map was historically good for Republicans, so you could look at it as a lost. The Senate mouth, the Senate mountain house map is is, is it turns out in the Europe Trump not particularly good for Republicans, especially after all these retirement? Yes. Specifically, the Senate map is very friendly, so you could look at it as a blown opportunity to pick up a bunch of sleaze seats, which is it is all the midterms are tough. So I think they'll likely be okay there partly because I do think that people underestimate the extent to which people on the other side of the Cavanaugh issue were galvanized by how that went. Because the fact is they're diminishing returns for Seattle for Democrats at the point. You can only go up so far, whereas Republicans just have to find parody. Right? And so I think they came closer and that'll play better in states versus these little these particularly Trump carried and you've got four or five senators who are in states carry by. By substantial margins, what. The one question I think that is not entirely clear whether that affect would have happened anyway, whether the states will go native at the end, which is generally what com right happens and you're absolutely right that the enthusiasm gap is needs to be closed for Republicans to do well. But the fact is one of the reasons Republicans do well in mid midterms as Democrats, ten generally low right in mid. So if Democrats are now voting at the same level as Republicans that creates some issues for them. So let's just say, plays out the way you suggest it will and I agree with you, right? That's the likely outcome. What's the next two years going to be like. Oh, Lord, if I know exhausting. Well, I think that's a given. I mean, these last two years haven't been day day at the beach in that regard. And that to me is sort of the defining feeling and look. I know that there are plenty of people who support Trump who are exhilerated by the way he tweaks pay people in the way he messes with people in the way that, but there is a, there's a substantial number of people in this country who are exhausted by the the turn of everything. And I think part of that is the symbiotic relationship of twenty four hour news cycle in from. There's reason he got one of two billion dollars of yearned media. He's genius. Yeah. So we kind of again, everybody gets spun up every stories in eleven. No story can possibly be a five out of ten here. They all have to be an eleven, and I think it just wears on people and a lot of people, even Frank. Even people who are supportive of the president sort of tune out at some point and pick up here and there what's going on. And I don't know what that means for society. I find that I have to take very serious breaks from it, and I have my family to hang out with and and separate by going to children's museum or something. But but yeah, I. I don't mean to give you zero predictions, but that that strikes me as what animates the Trump era for me almost more than anything else is the sort of frantic pace of everything. Well, it's going to be interesting that we can be sure because as soon as the curtain rings down on campaign two thousand eighteen campaign two thousand twenty will be in full swing and off to the rest for the weary weary voter, but but it'll be interesting really. Well, Mary Katharine ham. Thank you so much. You haven't been here at the institute politics. We didn't get to the issue of diversity of opinion on campus, but we believe in it here and and you are adding to the discussion and we appreciate thank you so much. I appreciate you guys doing awesome job of that. Outside of me. Thank you for listening to the ax files part of the CNN podcast network for more episodes of the x files subscribe on apple, podcasts, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app from our programming from the university of Chicago institute of politics, visit politics, dot EU, Chicago dot EDU..

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