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Now i last i i and last on espn radio that on the esp at eta it's worse the last michael jr will review on espn radio in the espn were presented by progressive insurance colours join us beauty shell pennzoil performance lime and you can get in touch with us on the one hundred flowers dot com twitter feed will he privy night on twitter we'll get to that old a little later on but a lot of moving and shaking in the nba right now and you asked a good question before the show and i want to ask you here between anything that might happen leading up to or involving the draft in anything that might happen in free agency is there anything that you think kid get anyone else in the nba over the warriors or anyone else the east over the cleveland cavaliers going forward here i think the snap answer is no because the warriors are as joe lake of prematurely said last year light years ahead of the rest of the league he can now say that with certainty that the warriors are light years ahead of the rest of the league in my question pre show was what would a team my example was the cavs because they are of course the closest to the warriors and they are the class of the east what would the cavs or any other team have to do between right now today and opening.

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