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News I met Donna here, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says President Trump has been calling himself a wartime president during the pandemic, and it seems like our wartime presidents surrendered. Waive the right fly. What white flag? Left the battlefield in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden says the state by state approach isn't working. We need really plans really guidelines with uniform. Nationwide standards chart Our economic reopening on Capitol Hill. Dr Anthony Fauci was asked when the Corona viruses history how many Americans will have died. I can't make an accurate prediction, but it is going to be very disturbing. I will guarantee you that Because when you have an outbreak in one part of the country, even though in other parts of the country, they're doing well. They are vulnerable. And she said if Spike's in Corona virus cases aren't controlled in places like the South in the West, an average of 40,000 cases in the U. S now a day could reach as many as 100,000. Democrats in the House, returning from a White House briefing say they still have many questions about allegations Russia offered bounties to Taliban linked militants for killing American troops in Afghanistan. Maryland's Steny Hoyer says it's a red flag. Neither was not waived. Or the president ignored the wave. President Truman said. The buck stops here. President, Trump says. I never saw the buck. President. Trump downplayed the allegations. The White House says he had not been briefed on the matter. Actor writer and producer Carl Reiner has died. He created TV's Dick Van Dyke Show. In an AP interview. He said Colin is a nice guy. That's what I'm told. I have a fairly decent I have good. I'm responsible. I'm sort of ethical, you know, fairly morrow. On DH. I'm a lot of fun. Carl Reiner was 98. This is AP News. No American tourists are allowed as the European Union reopens borders. Evildoers will reopen for travelers from 14 countries. But most Americans will have to wait at least another two weeks due to Sauron Corona virus infections in the U. S. More than 15 million Americans are estimated to travel to Europe each year, with some 10 million Europeans heading across the Atlantic. Some of the nation's getting the go ahead are Algeria, Australia, Canada, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco and New Zealand. Countries considered for the safe list are also expected lift any bands they might have in place on European travellers. I'm Charles Ledesma, a wildfire burning in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson, Arizona, is forcing more evacuations. The fire sparked by lightning more than three weeks ago, has burned about 180 square miles. Strong winds are fanning the flames in Arizona. The fire's About 45% contained. I'ma Donahue, AP News Thank.

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