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A majority believe that Biden knew about his son's bidness. According to a Rasmussen poll released yesterday. 54% of likely voters believe Joe Biden Wass consultant about and perhaps even profited in His son's dealings with Foreign Cup. There's no question that that happened by didn't put his son in these places, put him in these jobs or in these positions. So that Biden I've never accepted a dime of foreign money. No, his son did and then his son forward and whatever percentage the agreed to deal Wass. On the job. Biden for years, this kind of thing. As has been going on. Now, most likely voters believe that Biden was involved in his son's foreign business deals. According to a Rasmussen poll from yesterday. That survey found 54% of likely voters believe Biden likely was consulted about it, perhaps even profited in 100 Buyten's foreign business deals. Only 38% said that it was unlikely. The former vice president knew about his son's affairs, which is not even possible. His son could not have gotten these jobs. Without his dad, Joe Biden, the senator than Joe Biden, the vice president now onto Amy. Cockney Barrett NBC News last night devoted 50 seconds. Less than one minute. To the Senate confirmation vote and her swearing in CBS News. Devoted 50 seconds. To Amy. Call me Barrettes Confirmation vote. And swearing in. ABC News Devoted zero seconds. There was absolutely No coverage on ABC. Of Amy Cockney. Barrett being sworn in Or of the historic Senate vote. Now, you see, I've been all this time I've been believing that the Democrats were the ones that were champions of women. All this time? Yes, I thought it was Democrats. You were looking out for women, the advent of feminism in the late sixties and early seventies, I thought it was Democrats. Who were out there, promoting the idea that women could have it. All. Women could do whatever they could be moms and they could be Supreme Court justices. There could be moms are gonna be astronauts. It could be Mom's. You can do whatever they wanted. It was the Democrat Party that was going to make that possible. Was the Democrat Party that believed in women Republicans above of misogynist, a bunch of sexist, a bunch of pigs. Well, James Woods tweeted. We re tweeted this by the way. Uh oh. You know, a couple of days have gone by and I have not mentioned the new handle of our Twitter feed. That's just That's just bad. I just I just forgot to mention yesterday we have a new Twitter feed folks that we consolidated rolling over Twitter feeds into one. Now there's only one and the handle is at riel are limbo. That is it. I did my first video upload last night. About the time the confirmation vote was taking place. If you haven't been the rial at really are limbo. You will be able to see the video's been retweeted. Good Lord, either zillions of times out there. But it's 45 46 seconds long and Basic premises. We don't have a choice in this election. Anyway, James Woods while the Democrats are howling of the sky somewhere Be decked in their Halloween Handmaid's tale outfits. A really party of diversity. Is watching a woman. Supreme Court justice being sworn in By a black Supreme Court justice. The Republican Party is the party of all Americans. And so it is so it is demonstrably so Democrat party can't be bothered. To celebrate Amy Coney, but I know I know she's not the right right Acid nations politically. It'll care I thought didn't think was about that It was about women. Being given a fair shot. But it is obvious that the Democrats lie. It's obvious that they are not Pro women, and they never have been a Democrat party is pro Marxist. It's pro liberal. It's pro Communist. It's not pro women. It's not pro black. It's not pro Hispanic. They just want you to believe that Now judge Barrettes statement last night in which she lowered the gauntlet. In informing people exactly what the role of a judge In America is Her statement to be played every middle school, every high school, every college, every law student in this country all they have to watch it. Every other person for that matter. It's as clear, powerful and easily understandable description of the job differences and duties of the legislative and judicial branches that you will find anywhere. In clarifying these roles. She has put the left on defense. They cannot argue with her. So now they're going to continue to attacker and they are they are threatening her. Dunning, Dick Blumenthal of Connecticut, claiming there will be consequences. He threatened murder. For daring to accept the vote one week. Prior to an election. And these people, they're just flat out mean and vicious. The supposed Democrats of compassion and love and tolerance, and I'll tell you what's happened, Folks. President Trump has exposed Democrats as haters of successful working mothers and successful black men. That's exactly what he has exposed. Democrats hate Successful working mothers. They hate successful black men. Given the victory all directed at Justice Bharat Bhai, the Democrats against Fair to ask Why do Democrats hate working mothers? With Children of color. She has two Children of colors. Get seven Kids two adopted from Haiti. Why do they hate her? Same token. Why do Democrats hate Clarence Thomas? Highly educated, successful black man. Now the dean Of the Supreme Court. Me playing by their rules, a reason. Democrats hate Justice Bharat and Thomas because they're misogynous and racist. I mean, if that's the answer, that's who the Democrats aren't there the massages. They're the racist. They Are the ones with all the prejudice and bias. Misogynist police behaving Racists. Who will not tell you what judges they favor for appointment to the Supreme Court thing will not tell you their plans to pack the court. But that's what that's how they're going to do this. That's how they're going to react. They can't believe they can't believe that this court is now 63 conservative. They can't believe Justice Roberts Has been eliminated now as the power behind the court to fix things, it's 63 conservatives. Not with Amy Cockney vary, so they're only reaction. They're going to pack the court. They're going to get rid of her influence. They're going to negate her confirmation if they win the presidency by packing the court minimum 13 justices on the Supreme Court They won't admit it. That they've been caught flat footed, saying it When asked about his plans to pack the Supreme Court, Biden said, voters don't deserve to know. What His plans are. And that's because Joe Biden believes that half of America's voters a bunch of chumps with microphones Bitter, clinging, deplorable chunks with microphones. Who in their right mind could vote for these people? I'm asking myself who in their right mind could vote for these people? It boggles the mind. George listening to the leader of the conservative movement in.

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