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Right i've used the stats seventy five times. So let's make seven. Six is the average length of his seventeen receiving touchdowns in college was over forty four yards like basically half the field for every touchdown catch so such a fun player. I don't sense any major concerns over the ankle. Injury suffered against tennessee back in october. So jalen waddell and fulfilling to add an extra for shopping next year and still get one of the top. Four sketchers is literally turn a card in the second you get on the clock we really fluke because there was all those crazy with the niners trade i feel like the philly trade with miami was kinda lost they picked up a first rounder to basically move down maybe from chase to wattle. You know depending on what you like. That is a nice piece of business for philadelphia. And i think the fear amongst eagles fans were. Now we're not going to get one of the top three receivers if things shake out the way you describe. I know a lot of people think giants might take waddell. So we'll see what actually happens but yeah it would be. That would be a huge win. Huge honestly the. I would say at least in twitter which take with a grain of salt the big concern with the train. Meena is just the person making the base right The public trust right now in philadelphia eagles. Front office is not particularly strong. After a roller-coaster three years win the super bowl and three years later your head coach has been fired after seemingly being retained for next season so they're still lack of trust in things like the jalen reagor pick over justin jefferson last year until those things around are gonna leave. It's going to be tough pill for eagles fans. Swallow not the bringing up again okay. We're out of the nfc east we're onto thirteen. I'm picking for the chargers. I am bummed. that slater is gone. Everybody in their mom knows what the chargers wanna do in the staff. But i'm happy because christian. There is a from virginia tech left. Tackle is still on the board. He is big. He is nasty. He is athletic. He is experienced. He did not allow a single sacher pressured last year. Off the top of my head. I hope that's true. It feels true. Feel like it wouldn't say just make that up and you know i think i eat. There is the drop off. Like i said from that tier the next this kid who i think can start. They won frankly. And that's what. The chargers needed the position. You've got three pipkins. Currently is there. I guess ostensible left tackle starter right now. Third-round around big at a sioux falls a couple of years ago. Small school guy who has played a ton for them in high leverage moments dare saw. This is another one. Where the me that. The need matches up with value You mentioned that skies nasty. I think we just want to see it a little bit more. Like just be even more refinisher because you know he's got all those skills in him to be exactly that. I think fourteenth interesting meena and you and i had this conversation over text. I believe it was that i think could pay might even go before pick fourteen. He's michigan's edge player. Do so much more than that. He played everywhere over that defensive front for longtime defense according to brown while not longtime with michigan but just a longtime defensive coordinator in general could ebay as an amazing story. If you haven't had the chance to the profile halley gross move. Espn please please go read. It's remarkable. He's from the new england area. So avenue familiar with this player but powerful is unbelievable athlete versatile and i know the main character is just off the charts. Here meena quitting pay for the vikings. I know that are fans wanting off. Linemen and i understand that the defensively if they get danielle hunter back next year that the passwords could Different but they were searching for answers this past season and and they do feel better whether lee being back after a one year hiatus to carolina but quitting pay is kind of edge difference maker. That could help this defense. Look more like a mike zimmer. Defense again he can also play. Cornerback i don't know if you saw that video. He posted himself holy smokes. Look it up. it's under his own. I just pulled it up by talking because official kuwaiti is. He posted it himself. He's back backpedaling. I think better than dominic foxworth did back in the day. No yeah maybe korea unreal athleticism. I think they'd be thrilled. If you drop to fourteen. I think the giants could be a place where he gets stuck there if he goes before. Fourteen that's kinda my thought. There are eight for way too long enough with the fifteenth overall. Pick new england patriots. Take michael mccorkell jones out of alabama. So you have feel like there's this like binary thing that happens to season. Where if you say that like if you say oh. The niners shouldn't take doesn't feel field. You're saying mack jones sucks. I don't back sucks. I think he's a very good quarterback. I think he's a first round talent. They're all awesome but hump. That said i don't. I would not have them. Vote justin fields. I would however have fifteen going to new england And not just because of the you know like tom brady fed and all the stereotypes and whatnot. But because i do think the quality is the things he did really well at alabama. The accuracy The anticipation he three with which frankly he has to throw with that anticipation because it is like arm and The quickness with which he got the ball out or all things that they've shown that they really value. So i you know i. You're only got cam. Newton and system under contract quarterbacks obviously and area of need for new england and they've upgraded elsewhere are going to be better this year than they were last season. Get to quarterback completely agree at this point. We've talked so much by the patriots in their potential. Need for a quarterback that. I have no tour. That's a nice pick. Although i do think that the number sixteen election could be one of the better value so far. Jc horns south carolina cornerback Cardinals major major need. I think he's been one of the top ten players in this draft which wisey lasting this long. I don't have a perfect answer. Other than quarterbacks go relate and we've got a lot of great wide receivers as well. Jesse horn has confidence in swagger. That you need in quarterbacks you guys with short memory. You need have quarterbacks that they may get beat or toasted or roasted on the first play of the drive but in their mind. They're picking off. The next pass and jc horn didn't have to worry a whole lot about the young roasted early in the drive. It happened so infrequently with him but he's got the confidence in every player. He's facing off against is inferior damn right. He covered a lot of great wide receiver. Obviously in the sec in not just wide receivers but also kyle pits the florida do everything we talked about earlier. He seen plenty of athletes in his day. Heck obviously we always father joe longtime nfl wide receiver carrier of cell phones while playing football other guy just sort of built from this and he'd be a phenomenal value. Just amazing fit for arizona because they need them and be at least last year. this team. What flavor cornerbacks on an island play man to man. Yes more than willing and there. It is well and any kind of has to fit perspective and while i do really love jc horn. I don't think he's forever team for example dallas which is taking a cornerback. He does not make sense in a dan quinn defense so i think there's a reason why he's on the board here for us also really not a lot of teams need corners. I it's it's interesting in every year. It's always different. You just never know this year. Everyone needs to tackle Core has been of course an ongoing issue for arizona like forever to find guy to play opposite pepitas. Pepitas gone by murphy as much as it pains me as huskies fan has not lived up to expectations. Did sign malcolm butler but undeniably number. One need on this team. I think they would be thrilled to get jc horn. Here all right. Let's take a quick number. Let's take a quick break and get to the second half of the draft. Are you ready to see where.

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