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To do for you each and every week that's devoted to what used to be in pro sports. Thanks for coming by and before we get into this week's episode I do of course want to wish all of you as much health and safety as possible. We're living in extraordinary times. Your health and safety are obviously the supreme concern and We all are in this together. And of course the economic realities to are starting to play out. It is our intention to do our very best to keep at our weekly schedule to provide. Whatever Little Levity and a distraction that we can lord knows we need it and I suspect that some of you are going stir crazy being self isolated and staying home hopefully. You're you're healthily doing so if you somehow are not doing so or haven't gotten tested and you think you're not feeling well by God All means please do so and obviously please heat. All of the warnings that you hear from your trusted local and regional and national officials and don't endanger the lives and safety of others in the midst of all of this we reach out to you and we appreciate you coming by and listening to US and hopefully we. Can you know? Give a little bit of respite from The craziness of the world out there and police by all means do what you need to do to try to stay safe and economically viable And we appreciate of course you listening and And given us Your encouragement as well and we appreciate all the notes have come in so far and Let's let's move onto some entertaining a conversation. Shall we with our guest this week? the legendary head coach and national soccer hall of Fame Inductee of the old. Chicago sting of the North American Soccer League and his name is Willy. Roy and as you'll soon learn from his accent is almost you could call a native Chicagoan I of course because he was born in Germany and has a very strong and distinctive German accent. But there's no guy more synonymous I think with Chicago Soccer Than THAT OF MR Willy Roy Who was the longtime coach of the Chicago? Sting From around value. We'll talk about it. seventy six seventy seven or so is there was an interim head coach title there. We'll get into some of The House and wise of that but he Stayed with the stink for right through the end of their at least outdoor Life in the North American Soccer League in Nineteen eighty-four and then a little bit later as to the indoor thing with the MSL went on and we'll get into some of that too But the The game that you heard there featuring dulcet tones of Howard Balsam longtime on air broadcaster for Chicago Sting Games and There was no more exciting. I think while there are plenty of exciting games and sting history for sure But there was certainly one of them right there and that was on October. Third Nineteen Eighty Four. That you just heard when the Chicago sting won their second ever North American Soccer League Championship against the Toronto Blizzard in Game. Two of what was then had become not a singular soccer bowl championship game but a three game series for the soccer bowl title and That was a mere two games. Two Games gives me two days after he says The first game which was on October first in front of about eighty three hundred people in the the old Comiskey Park in Chicago when the sting won the that game? Two TO ONE Now two days later on a Wednesday evening at Varsity Stadium in Toronto Actually. I think the blizzard of the time. We're playing home games at the much newer exhibition stadium but for whatever reason exhibitions said he was not available that evening. So varsity stadium where The Old Toronto teams the Metro Korea and I think even the the Toronto Earlier versions of of Toronto's Asl and Even precursor Lives were so. It's kind of sort of an interesting sort of a circle of life there but what game. That was on October third. The sting had actually gone up to zip around the minute. Sixty eight were winning to nothing and and looking like everything was gonna be Honky Dory and in a blizzard in succession in a in a matter of two and a half minutes scored two goals in the seventieth minute and the Sorry Seventy First Minute. Seventy third minute and then potter more headache. The Magic Man A guy who will be talking about here in a second with Our guest willy. Roy scored in the eighty. Second Minute to to take it off the sting two games to none and of course the interesting piece of Trivia around that game that was also the last ever game in total for the North American Soccer League. I'm I'm not sure people recognize that at the time. Although there's absolutely a a feeling in the air that things were not good and matter of fact quite quite dire for the North American soccer league as it played out in the months afterwards it limped along and ultimately Gave up the ghost death in the early part of nineteen eighty five but the Chicago sting. Why very Interesting team and certainly a A big splashy name and the people involved similarly splashy great personalities and a tremendous legacy and as we've talked about in previous episodes Mike Conklin and particularly want to search that episode up longtime sportswriter for the Chicago Tribune and Scribe if you will and and chronicler of the Chicago sting a very fascinating precursor to this conversation with Willie this week. Really climb the mountain in Chicago and became synonymous with it's championship. History at one thousand nine hundred one ticker tape parades and all that nineteen eighty-four. I guess not as a sort of a you know a memorable as the eighty-one championship season. But it's certainly solidified. The Stings Major League status in a very tough sports town that of Chicago and it was absolutely also part of at least for an initial bid of time the indoor success the Chicago sting also was successful and enjoyed Both in the NSL and then later in the major indoor soccer league and then of course it all fall apart fell apart as a lot of things did in the mid to late nineteen eighties. But I digress. I encourage you to listen heartily to this great conversation with the head coach of many of those successful years with this ghosting. Willy Roy and you know we actually start prior to Willie's a tenure with the sting and I think it's really important in maybe lots and lots of people that Willy Roy was a member of Some of the earliest teams in pro Soccer history in this country in the late sixties when that was getting rebooted The Chicago Spurs of the National Professional Soccer League and then the second year than becoming the NSL the Chicago Spurs playing in Comiskey Park They relocated to Kansas City to become the Kansas City. Spurs in Nineteen Sixty Eight As well and that's part of the The NFL's history. And then Willie was part of the Saint Louis Stars. Very important legacy franchise from seventy one to seventy four in the ASL. All that was before he came to the Chicago sting both as a player and then player coach and then as a coach full time and so we get into all of that sort of how willing sort of got involved in pro soccer in the United States in the first place. Oh and by the way was part of the. Us national team for a good eight years from nineteen sixty five to seventy three including a whole bunch of World Cup qualifications in certainly for the nineteen seventy World Cup and then some so all of that stuff and then the sting. We get into with our special guests this week. Willy Roy the longtime coach of Said an ASL legacy franchise coming up in just a few moments. Entertaining is not the best word. It's it's more than that. I can't come up with another adjective right now but you will enjoy it for sure. And I look forward to presenting it to you in just a few Mere moments but first a couple of promotional items. Let's get out of the way To celebrate this conversation with the Great Willy Roy..

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