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Weather's power by the basement doctor. It's partly cloudy now. 73 a Buckeye Lake 74 Your severe weather station. NewsRadio, 6 10 W. T. V N. Delaware County Sheriff has identified the body found in a storage container at Alum Creek Lake on Monday. Investigators use fingerprints to identify him as 37 year old Timothy Markham of Columbus Sheriff's Office said. The final autopsy will not be completed for several weeks, but initial findings indicate cause of death is an apparent gunshot wound. Markham's body was found by a kayaker on the lake on Monday. Columbus Police chief Elaine Bryant will have her own security detail. ABC six is Luanne Stoia says she requested two officers on her security detail during work hours and one as an executive aide. The Fraternal Order of Police says with the new top cop is doing is within the contract. It is irregular that we're doing it for a chief, but to be fair, I guess we've never had a chief from the outside before. Um, so we've not been in this situation where they have a firearm and Bryant cannot carry a department issued gonna wear uniform until her peace officer training is completed, See produced, spokesman Sergeant James Fuckwad said the move was not a result of any threats to the chief. It's the seventh day of searching for 149 people missing in Florida's condo collapsed more than 80. Rescuers are on the pile of debris at a time listening for sounds. Who's have removed about £3 million of concrete so far, but still haven't reached the bottom as Americans prepare together for the Fourth of July holiday weekend a new warning about extremist violence in a new bulletin obtained by ABC News, the Department of Homeland Security warns extremists may seek to exploit ceasing Covid 19 restrictions. Mass gatherings resume across the country July 4th weekend and the bulletin said there could be attacks with little or no warning, stressed from the pandemic and fraught political climate contribute to what one homeland security official called a perfect storm. For violence Despite the absence of a specific threat, the bulletin said. White supremacists are sharing links to a discussion about targeting mass gatherings. Critical infrastructure and police. Aaron Carter SKI ABC NEWS New YORK Despite the W H O saying masks and other precautions are necessary to combat spread of the Delta Covid 19 variant Dr Anthony Fauci, telling ABC News the most recent CDC guidance for the fully vaccinated hasn't changed. There may be some people Even in areas where there is good vaccination. Who are special concern who maybe elderly who may have an underlying medical condition where even though the recommendation is not changed from the CDC, They may understandably feel that they want that extra degree of precaution, and that is just fine. Meanwhile, Moderno says it's two dose vaccine showing promise in a lab setting protecting against Covid 19 variants, including the Delta area. People unable to pay their rent won't be forced out of their homes. Just yet, as the federal government action against eviction is continued again today was intended to be once again the day the CDC's moratorium on evictions ran out. But the federal health agency Is extending it once again now until July, 31st, the C D C director Rochelle Walensky says This is the final extension. It comes at the frustration of landlords who say not only have they lost considerable money due to people not paying rent and not being able to find new paying tenants. But federal aid offered to landlords comes with too many strings attached. Such as financial disclosures and agreeing to further eviction holds. Evan Brown Fox News News radio 6 10 W T V N Sports Buckeye Basketball is Dwayne Washington's Ohio State career, is over watching and has decided to stay in the NBA draft and forego his senior year. He led the Buckeyes in scoring last year last week on an invitation The NBA draft combine DJ Waddell has been exploring turning pro as well has yet to decide whether he'll be back. Baseball. The Reds lose to San Diego 54 Indians rained out that played two against Detroit tonight. Clippers lost the Toledo NBA playoffs. Atlanta Blows out Milwaukee even in the Eastern Conference finals at two bucks star Yanez anted to tempo suffering a knee hyperextension of an M R I Today from the central Ohio Honda Dealer Sports Test Matt McCoy. Radio 6 10 w T V N I'm Scott Jennings stay connected the Columbus E in central Ohio on the Our 30. Minutes passed, and as news breaks, scattered showers and storms likely again today.

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