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Coming to terms with him on a five year $115 million deal, ESPN insider Tim Kurkjian. They're in a division with the Braves, who are really good with the Mets, who are demonstrably better and still not doing it. Still not done in the free agent market. There still In there for Trevor Bauer. The nationals have gotten better, and the Marlins made the playoffs last year, so the Phillies had to do something Real Muto's the best catcher in the game. He's a team leader. He's a tremendous player and they had to resign him if they were gonna have any chance of contending in this division. Now they have to figure out center field and shortstop. I need to go get another starting pitcher. They need to continue to try to shore up that open. The 29 year old heading to 66 with 11 homers and 32 R B I with the Phillies during the pandemic shortened 2020 season, he did not accept the $19 Million.1 year qualifying offer, instead seeking a longer term deal on the free agent market. 115,000,005 years with the Phillies. Ford Center all night ESPN radio back to the NFL lot of attention around Aaron Rodgers this week and whether he's unhappy Also in that division Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph says he's upset with his role in the Vikings offense over the past couple of seasons, having gone from Minnesota's Second or third leading receiver. You went after thought in the passing game in 2020. He says he won't Considering a pay cut. As for quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford to Shawn Watson. Jared Goff, all with question marks around them a week after Sean McVeigh had opted not to commit to Jared Golf as the team starter, general manager Les Snead. Saying essentially the same thing. Oh, Jared Goff said. He's a ram right? Right now. So what's the day? Okay? Oh, yes, January 26. I mean, that's that's a fact. That's obvious legend golfs a ram in this moment, and I said its way toward speculate future that's a beautiful mystery. Dutiful mystery, Of course, the reference to what Aaron Rodgers had said about his future. So we don't know now about the future of Jared Golf with the Rams, ESPN analyst and Orlovsky The big thing is when he had that two year round with Sean McVeigh. The touchdowns were so up on that outside zone scheme in the play action, 60 touchdowns and like 18 interceptions. And then the last two years, the touchdowns have dropped to like 43 interceptions are up to 28 29 because they're not running the same scheme. And so they're not getting those huge play action chunks that really make it advantageous for a quarterback. And so the play, the production has fallen off. I would say this general managers don't think in the now they're always thinking ahead right? Less does not make that comment unless he started thinking about this long ago months ago. He's making the comment just being up front and honest that the door is now opened that this is a thought process in Los Angeles, which is shocking compared to what we were two years ago in the Super Bowl. Jared Goff, so I'm sure they've got something up their sleeves that they're thinking about. But Jared Golfs play just wasn't up to the standard that they wanted this year. So the question remains, whether that golf would be on the roster for the Rams in 2021 SportsCenter all night, ESPN radio. As for other quarterbacks with question marks About Detroit team starting to reach out to the Lion's about Potential trade for Matthew Stafford, which has been the expectation since this past weekend when we learned that the Lions and Stafford mutually agreeing to Our ways before next season. ESPN insider field Yates. This is very different than something like to Shawn Watson. It's known it's now known that Matthew Stafford and the Lions prepared to part ways. It does not cost the Lions all their leverage, though hers because it's such a reasonable contract to add, you know that there's a chance like you know that Detroit is motivated to get a deal done. But you also know you've got to send something respectful, right? Like you can't say like, hey, I'll give you a third round pick for Matthew Stafford. Teams know the price is gonna be sniffing it. Right? Look, when you've agreed it's best I could. Both parties are on the same page here. It also means that Matthew Stafford knows that like if no offer comes their way, none whatsoever. It still means that one of he could say in Detroit, right. There's no rule that says he can't go back to the lights. But anyways, I like to play or a lot. I'm not sure a player that I could think of over the past 10 or 15 years has been surrounded by less consistently the Matthew Stafford. Now there are some numbers that you can point to and you know, losing record as a quarterback early in his career dealt with injuries. Early in his career. Too many interceptions. I truly believe that Matthew Stafford could be one of those players that pops if they if he changes settings, is there anywhere that jumps out at you guys that you feel like Stafford might see and say, OK? Yeah, that spot would be cool. Like I know, I've seen the Indianapolis Colts floating around to make the case for Andy because I think it's a great location for him. So Indianapolis obviously know Philip rivers and see years retiring. Congratulations on a great career. The only quarterback. They have under contract. Jacob peace in their fourth round pick out of Washington last year, and he's got a very clean captured no bad contracts. Now they're gonna have to take care of some guys this offseason. They've got some free agents like Xavier Rhodes. If they bring him back aren't going to be cheap, but they're working with plenty of cap space. This is not a team that picking at number 21, even if you did get a quarterback history tells us if you're getting a quarterback at 21, it's a wild card. It's a developmental guy at best. You don't have time to maybe find a quarterback epic 21, Right? And if you're gonna go big, which they did last year by trade in the first round pick for the Forest Buckner, they're gonna wanted to hit. We learned last week. They aren't a last season. They are scared of going big. They're ready to win. Matthew Stafford. And by the way, this is one dynamic that maybe sounds inconsequential. You should always take the best deal, but it certainly does not hurt. When you could have a trade with a team that you won't play for at least three years. That's always something you prefer always and they're not going to play the lions. The Lions were gonna play the Colts for three more seasons. Let's meet the Super Bowl, which feels unlikely given the line's history. A source familiar with the situation, saying the lines will be looking for fair market value for Matthew Stafford, franchise leader in every major passing category. Detroit making three playoff appearances with Stafford, losing In the wild card round, all three times. You knock off a conference rival. What metaphor would you use to describe it? You'll hear it next SportsCenter all night continues its ESPN radio coming.

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