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Four hour news center by jeff pohjola here's what we're following for this saturday morning the seventh of october two thousand seventeen president trump not offering any clarification on cryptic comments he made reporters earlier this week president possibly referring to coming military action abc's glory riviera with more from washington the white house has yet to fully explained the president's cryptic comments last week regarding a calm before the storm that is how he referenced his meeting with top military leaders at the white house abc news press the president and the press secretary to clarify these comments come amid escalating tensions with north korea the administration's expected decertification of the nuclear deal with iran larry are abc news washington deputies were questioning two teenagers about a brush fire that threatened the neighborhood grandma investigators say the 1450 you'd girls have not been arrested they live near the spot where the fire started friday afternoon flames came within a few feet of some homes matthew garcia was evacuated erin inside the fire the brushfires out this morning rain helped with a hot spots overnight families who were evacuated are now back home a judge said it's is a nineteen year old who admitted to trying to record women in the locker room of the ballard pool two one day in jail rory carlsson have to after registers of sex veterans but twenty nine days going to work release and community service in court on friday he gave a tearful apology go workers friendship trust officials say carlsson admitted to hiding a cell phone and the female staff locker room with ballard pool last march and other fire near clear alum is threatening twenty homes in those families have been ordered to get out the tian away river fire started friday afternoon it's grown of two hundred fifty acres and evacuation shelter opened that the mercer creek church in ellensburg a longtime seattle radio talk show host announces he's no longer with the station after he entered it alford plea on a charge of patronizing a prostitute former mid morning show host and fifty yearold mitch.

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