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You're making a lot of sense for once. I feel very confident in saying that Arianna would have still broken up with Pete Davidson. If Mack Miller were still alive and just like that story, just beepers, not the plane for our Selena Gomez, emotional breakdown. Unless you heard it out of her mouth, that's hard to report. Conjecture, speculating. Okay. Look, we're deck heads. We do that too. But if you say they're kind of reporting that I'm with you, I'm going to have to call BS. They were citing sources and I've really put some thought into, and let's even go with Arianna Guerande. Right? Like maybe her damn brothers the source, and maybe that's what her broader things. Okay. That's still just her brother's opin xactly. Who are you? You're just making sense this week for once. Did someone had to you on the side of the head? I always you don't. But people also in a separate article today is reporting. And I quote Justin is not over Selena done. Dun pun, oh my God, poor kids. I said on the podcast that he and Haley Baldwin would last for years. I hope I don't. I hope I don't get that wrong. Maybe four weeks. Maybe four by not for weeks four by. I don't know that weird thing. They're married, right? And they should be happier than ever. But and I've said this before, I'm a body language expert, and this is not shitting you on. If you look at photos of the two of them in public, they have the weirdest body language together. They're still not write a happy couple. I can attribute that to one thing that kid is used to navigating all by himself. Meaning when he goes out when he is in the eyes of the paparazzi twenty four, seven, he's probably already figured out how to navigate his own being his life. I don't think he's figured out how to do it with her, and I don't even think anything could even possibly prepare her for how big this would be. I've seen pictures too, and I look at them too, and I go, that doesn't look like the happy new couple lovey dovey what it is. You got to keep in mind this to people trying. To navigate through the waters of you. Everybody's constantly looking at them twenty four, seven, it must be awkward and they've never done it together. Now bieber's done. It was Selena before and maybe he doesn't want to do that anymore. So you've got to kind of maybe take that into account. You make sense to. We are the sensible podcast, do this. We are for one, and if you want to be sensible with what you eat, I would suggest encourage highly that all of our podcast listeners check out sun basket sun basket is gourmet for the non.

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