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To clear out slowly tomorrow but another risk of morning showers at least and then we're off to the races. This weekend's with high temperatures well into the eighties on Saturday and could Because there was help from a great crossing guard. WBC's Carl Stevens tells us the Commonwealth First Crossing Guard of the Year award is a smashing success in the Massachusetts safe routes to school annual awards ceremony, Outreach coordinator Rachel O'Donnell said they received 100 73 nominees for the first state crossing Guard of the Year award, and the winner is You're thrilled to present the honor of crossing Guard of the year. Today's ledger Mr Ledger helps the kids get to school at Northwest Elementary School in lemon Stir. This is what one parent had to say David at his post every day with a huge smile on his face, a big stop sign and a happy greeting for everyone who crossed You who crosses Truly loves his job and the families that he keeps faith. There were four other finalists from Hingham. Braintree, Marblehead in Beverly. Carl Stevens, WBC Boston's NewsRadio, Watertown Police sergeant's Jeff Police seed who took down one of the marathon bombers is retiring after 41 years of service. Nobody VCs true. Mulholland speaks with him about that night, which will never be for gotten around here. Sergeant Pugilist is turning 65 mandatory retirement, And that's maybe the only way to get him out because he loves this job. Being a police officer is really in my opinion, the greatest profession in the world and he knows he will always be remembered for the night of the Watertown Shootout As the son I have brothers got into a standoff with police between houses out here. Sergeant pugilist went after the brothers shooting Tamerlan nine times when he ran out of ammunition tackled him, said Ground, and then he doesn't want to make light of it. But believe it or not a moment of levity for him While while holding Tamil on my cell phone is ringing, like crazy. I answered the phone and it was my wife. Will you answer the Drew Mohammed WBZ Boston's news radio, Bad news for the Boston Harbor Islands, which face an existentially crisis, the National Trust for Historic Preservation reports. Climate change threatens the existence of those islands, one of 11 sites appearing on a most endangered list, another new study shows climate change is responsible for sucking the oxygen levels from hundreds of freshwater lakes, not only in the United States, but all around the world. Researchers say. When you start losing oxygen, you start Losing species and at the beach step away from the jelly Fish officials say the poisonous lion's mane jellyfish has recently been spotted in the waters off Hall. And a word of warning for those catching some rays and fantastic beach. The stinging jellyfish is one of the largest in the world with 100 FT, Long tentacles and even when washed ashore can provide a painful experience. 6 38.

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