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So that's always fun to throw on the stove these. What mulled wine? So you heat up some wine wine and brandy and throw in cinnamon and cloves and oranges and it just warm tasty and gets you tipsy. And it's lovely. WHOA that sounds great? I want that recipe. All right. I'll send it to you no problem okay good. That sounds really nice. Yeah I'M A PI guide to. I Love Pie. I feel like pies. Just better than cake in general universal I'm putting that out there pies better than cakes that are cheesecake. Excuse me cheesecake is better than Pie. So wait a minute for you. It goes cake Pie cheesecake the thought of Yeah cheesecakes definitely at the top. I don't know about pine cake onto that. Okay Dude Los cheesecake by I mean I like chocolate so like a good chocolate cream cream pie. I think he beats a chocolate cake. Getting getting specific to my chocoholics. Yeah I don't know what it is exactly but I'm I'm more of a pie guy. I got to say okay. I think we're we're nearing the end. Here we do a plug section at the end Shiny Moose. Something you want to tell. The people preach to the people Yeah I've been producing editing. This podcast called Success Express Success Express. Tell me about a it's hosted by you. What and our Buddy Eric? But I host this show John. Hey how could I host a different show or you lying. You gotta give yourself some more credit. Yeah you're right now I do host that show with Eric are very good friends that we've known for we're a little bit of a brotherhood. The three of us. Would you say yeah definitely last ten years or so. Yeah and Sean does a great job of producing the show and interacting with us. And it's a silly funny show. Yeah Eh Improv and music and it's a really good time. Yeah well I thank you for doing that. Show with us. Of course it's always a pleasure and thank you for being on this show no problem And thank you for watching that movie that you've never seen before. I hope you loved it and want to thank me for that. Yeah Okay startling new you Dr Jeff. Where can people find yourself? Are you doing any more of the draft house exposes. Yeah about once a month friend and I at the Alamo Draft House theaters in San Francisco. Show a movie and then talk about the science behind it so we did planes trains and automobiles last November a week from tonight. We'll be doing close encounters of the third kind one of my favorite sci fi movies of all time. Yeah and yeah you can. You can follow us. The event is big screen science. You can follow him at the Alamo Draft House website where in their mailing list and you know tickets on sale each month for our shows big screen science. That's right. That is very cool. I and I got a geek out for a second because I just went to the draft house here in La. For the first time I had never been to a draft house before and it was the best after five minutes of being in there. I told my girlfriend. We're not going any other theaters anymore. Other theaters are done that that is a typical reaction. Yeah the Alamo Draft House started in Austin Texas and has spread had a lot of cities in the US and yeah. I'm super excited. We have one in SF. I gotta get down to the one in L. A. at some point but yet that's that's the standard reaction is. There's just no reason. Go to other theaters now. Yeah it's just absolutely the gold standard. They bringing you food and cocktails. It's it's the ultimate experience. So I'm sure that your big-screen extreme signs is a ton of fun so I hope people see it and I hope I get to see it someday soon. Yeah Great Okay thank you sir. Thank you Dr Jeff Thank you Shining Moose and I'll see you guys next time When we do some other Thanksgiving movie close encounters? I guess what other what other Thanksgiving movies are there. Chicken run. Am I just saying that because there's a chicken minute trailer one. What does that mean Grind House? Oh I don't call thanksgiving. Maybe that one. How many Thanksgiving movies are they're feeling we're lacking in that? Not at Greenwich Penny. Yeah not many okay. So then let's start making those because I feel like there's an open market here. Does that make sense. Yeah for all you exacts. Yeah all you exects ex- listening we have tons of by the time you hear this. We have a list of Thanksgiving movie ideas. Blockbuster Ideas Superhero thanksgiving movies. Perfect okay so great so see you guys guys next time and then you guys stay on the line and we'll just we'll just brainstorm Thanksgiving movies for a couple of hours. Just kidding me. It's just GONNA be meted. I hear you all right. Thanks bye everybody. That.

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