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This was a quote from Quin from stars pet stores are infected with this Tyrian. But make no mistake. This is not her quotes. Visit has me speaking make no mistake, you're more than likely not getting a healthy puppy in the first place. Really? I'm not going to be getting the best of the best. But she says the dogs expressed that dogs house together in cages where the also poop maybe more prone to contracting and spreading these infections. And this is nothing puppy mills. Then not let down to play the stacked in metal crates on on the on mesh mash, what's the word grit? No, great type would just not even not flat surface or anything which is dreadful for that feet. But the reason they do that he says they poop and actually falls through the crate through the cage, and sometimes they stack them seven and eight. Hi, it's horrific. So you can imagine that's going to be very easy for any kind of disease to spread very very easy. So the area can easily be picked up during play with the puppies or from the environment and then ingested during grooming. Yeah. I don't mean grooming in going to the groom is in grooming themselves, and the spokesman that CDC told Washington Post that public health officials aren't sure how common this area is in animals in an E mail statements. Huffpost Pentland said he is cooperating with the CDC investigation pet Lundy immediately provided the CDC with complete access to the stores are staff veterinarians and the operating procedures and pats the CDC has not been tried any failures in lines operating system that would lead to any by this this bacteria infection. Here's the thing. You've gotta rewind a little bit. But where these animals coming from eight may maybe everything's followed privately within the store. But let's find out how enough could it possibly end up here. Oh, we got animals coming from these puppymills all what they call reputable breeders. But as a reputable breeders don't put their pets in pet stores. Oh, those buzzwords all those buzzwords the actually four people. I don't like it. I find it to be very very dishonest very dishonest advertising, and it really just prey on people. It's it's just not right. So in order to prevent coming into contact with this bacteria. They advised that potential pet owners to look for bright alert playful dogs free of feces and schedule a visit with a veterinarian shield after purchasing the dumb, people should not let that dogs kiss faces and should wash their hands. Every time the Coens concert with dogs taking special care would huddling dog poop. They're not kissing thing. For me. Doc sell time all day all the time. And I find it quite interesting the special Kevin huddling dope. Oop. I don't know. Anybody that picks? Doug with? I don't know any of that. They said they advise you to use disposable gloves when picking up by feces and disinfecting the area. Yeah. No. I most people I think, you know, if they'd got a dog that's got this this bacteria or just in general, they usually wear gloves or by is the glove. Comey magin imagine people don't protect their hands. So there you go. So that's the update who knows how many more people have been infected by this dreadful. I think he could be the silver lining. We never hear anything about mills and dogs ended up in these stores, and we could be the silver lining. All of a sudden we're concerned now because humans got sick. But I think it'll be a silver lining. What people will say well how and how would the dog's sick that how did that happen? And that's good. That's really a good thing when you can always see a silver lining. Well, I kind of kind of finished silver lining note that we're going to take a break. And when we come back. Let's talk about rescues and dog training. Yeah. It sounds like a normal thing. Let's talk about it when we get back. You're listening to the radio with me Samuel host Queen of rock roll dogs..

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