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Days. Larry Miller used car supermarkets driven by you. Well, I don't. I don't think this has anything to do with Tiger Woods being injured in an accident. But Emma Watson is stepping away from acting. Apparently She's Yeah, she said. First of all, she said. I never felt like I should be playing her mind me in the Harry Potter movies. She was greatest for Miami, but she, she said. You know, I just felt that I was not quite qualified and somebody else would have been better in the role. She also is reporting looking to spend more time with her rumored if y'all say Leo Robinson. A couple of reportedly been dating since 2019. Watson's alleged hiatus from acting comes after Iraqi road following her last film, the Great Greta Gerwig adaptation. Of little women, which was wonderful. I loved that movie, so Page six, reported in December 2019 that Watson had refused to join her fellow cast members share Sherone in Florence Pugh. Liza Scandal and Laura Dern, Timothy Channel a sham a Let Anyway, his family and Meryl Streep on the press tour. She she didn't want to. She didn't do it. She didn't go on the press door, and, uh but she did attend the movie's premiere. But apparently there's some tensions there. Some problems there. On, but she you know, she said. I don't say she was the weak link in that whole movie like you really won. That's that's a powerful cast. That's People associated with the movie said we weigh, don't know. What happened exactly if she wasn't happy with the movie or Yes, well, I think she's having some problems. That's this. Well, this could be a good move for her. I mean, she might be having trouble finding a lot of work because she's her mining and everyone's mind on later, while she's still young, I mean, you know so she could. She could go and you know, go to college or something, or travel or whatever. Then come back in about five years, you know. Jamie Spears. That's Brittany's dad, his lawyer. Vivian Serene, is defending for quiet, claiming that Britney Spears has not been has not ever asked to have him removed. From writer they keep going back to court early on. What's that all about early on in the pandemic, they spent two weeks with other family members hunkered down in Louisiana spent a lot of time together, Karine said. On Good Morning America. Uh, they played and worked in the family garden. And every night Jamie Cook southern comfort food that the family ate and enjoyed together, which is all relevant. In that time, Britney never expressed those words to her father. Britney has never asked him to step aside. I understand Every story has to have a villain, she said. But people have it wrong. And why're we continually ending up in court right if she's fine with it? It doesn't make any sense. Well, maybe he's taking it to court. I don't know who's take. I don't know who's taking it to court. You know why? Why? It's going to court. She is She keeps trying to strip his. Yeah, not, according to his attorney. Fake news. I don't Yeah. Fizer, the Pfizer vaccine Despite the 95% effectiveness at preventing Corona virus infection after two doses, visor is now seeing what a third dose might do. Company announced that a booster dose is being studied among people who have received their first doses of the vaccine more than six months ago. In an interview with NBC News, Lester Holt visor CEO Albert Borland said that the hope is a third dose will boost the immune response even higher. Offering even better protection against the variants of the Corona virus come along. We believe that the third dose will raise the on the antibody response 10 to 24, he said. Over 800 new cases here in Utah reported on Thursday. 11 new deaths But again we're still under 1000. That seems to be kind of Ah. That's It seems to be kind of Ah benchmark that if you could stay under 1000, you're doing pretty good with the new cases. The state also announced that it had done 18,563 total vaccines yesterday. That's in one day 18,000. That's amazing, um, for a total of 660,444. So we're approaching Ah million doses of vaccine. Here in the state of Utah, the Capitol police chief in Washington, DC Says. We are on high alert. Because of possible violence directed toward Congress after the January 6th riot there thinking that I mean they're hearing chatter. That there is there are plans afoot to cry and maybe disrupt the Bidens First State of the Union address in March. That also There's some kind of Cuban on conspiracy theory that on March 4th If if they capital could be overthrown problem print from could become president. That's when it's all gonna be revealed. Bill March 4th in law be revealed then and you'll see. You'll see that day on March 4th you'll see on apparently and I don't know. There is a reason that that particular date a significant and I can't It's my mom's birthday, because, yes, That's the day that the Internet said that it would happen on then March 6th is, I think the or the State of the Union's on mark six. Yeah, it's gonna be one of those days for sure. Let's see the Local news. Oh, the M. The owner of the Utah Jazz. A quote Rex, founder and jazz on a Ryan Smith. Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds and their wives are teaming up with Apple CEO Tim Cook. You get to give a lifeline to millions of LGBT Q youth in Utah and throughout the United States in circle Non profit that provides community resource is for LGBTQ youth and their families announced a major expansion backed by the group of leaders representing tech, sports and entertainment industries..

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